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4 May

NWT offers limited edition Doraemon dolls to customers

New World Telecommunications Limited (NWT) has launched a new bonus package. Any customer making a purchase of $50 will be entitled to redeem a doll of Doraemon and its friends. The Doraemon set comprises six members - Doraemon, Nobita, Sune, Shizuka, Gian, Doraemi - plus one extra Mystery Doraemon. 

"To capture new customers and to increase our market share, we are extending this promotion from IDD 009 customers to customers of all the other NWT services, including NetTalk Digital Telephony, NWT bb, fixed line and pre-paid cards" said York Mok, Vice President, Marketing and Product Development of NWT. 

Each doll is redeemable at a discounted price of $28 (original price: $70) with a special coupon at 7-Eleven stores on the MTR as well as KCR East Rail, West Rail and Ma On Shan Rail, during their specified period. The entire promotion runs from 28 April to 6 July 2006. 

Existing customers of NWT services will automatically receive two coupons, and with every $50 they use on IDD 009, they will get an additional coupon. A customer who has collected the stubs of all the six coupons can redeem the Mystery Doraemon at $28. 

In addition, each customer spending $50 or more on IDD009 or opening an account for any of the NWT services between 4 May 2006 and 22 June 2006 (both days inclusive) is automatically enrolled for a lucky draw for the large size dolls of all the Doraemon characters, each measuring 70-cm tall. 

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