New World Group Entrepreneur Trainee and Technopreneur Trainee Programme 2022

Do you want to have a bigger impact in your business area, and gain exposure in diverse industries or job functions while learning to be an entrepreneur? Do you have a business idea you want to be heard? This Programme might be what you’re looking for.

The New World Group Entrepreneur Trainee and Technopreneur Trainee Programme is a two-year programme, whose aim is to nurture and groom a group of future entrepreneurs to unleash their innovativeness while driving different initiatives for the Group to have an impact on and create inspiration for the Group’s Ecosystem. The Trainees will be given various opportunities to strengthen their entrepreneurial mindset through career exposure in various business units or departments in the New World Group ecosystem, gaining wide industry knowledge and experience participating in projects and training.

Programme Structure

During the two-year Programme, the Trainees will have at least four separate career exposure opportunities across their focused functions and other business units or departments in the Group’s ecosystem. They will also spend at least six months in the Mainland to widen their exposure and deepen their understanding of the Group’s Mainland operations and the Mainland business environment.

The career exposure opportunities are arranged according to the Trainees’ background, strengths and interests, as well as the Group’s business needs and development plans.

For the Technopreneur Trainee Programme, the Trainees’ career exposure will focus on the digital and technological aspects of our business.

Cultural Immersion

Upon onboarding, the Trainees will be helped to adapt to the new environment quickly through a series of activities, including experiencing and exploring different businesses, such as the Hong Kong Golf and Tennis Academy, New World Group’s mask factory, and K11 ATELIER, to enhance their knowledge of the Group’s ecosystem, values, mission and vision.

A Mentor and a Buddy will be assigned to each Trainee. The Mentors will provide them with guidance and share their experience to help the Trainees quickly adapt to their new roles and blend in smoothly, while the Buddies will provide peer support. The Trainees will also have various opportunities to interact with our senior executives and other young talent in the Group through sharing sessions, projects and events, so that they can learn to be outstanding “Artisans” within the Group.

Entrepreneurial Journey

The Trainees will undergo a comprehensive learning journey to help them develop their business acumen and immerse themselves in New World’s dynamic business culture.

In addition to classroom learning, the Trainees’ entrepreneurial skills will be honed by taking part in various projects, where they will have an opportunity to apply their innovative ideas to improve the existing business processes, or develop new initiatives that create business opportunities. The Trainees are strongly encouraged to speak up and voice out their ideas, and take action to turn their ideas into reality. They are also encouraged to take ownership of projects and to have a positive impact on the business.

Throughout the multifaceted learning journey, the Trainees will further develop their entrepreneurial traits and owner’s mindset to help them stay agile in today’s ever-changing business environment.

Future Development

Upon the successful completion of the two-year programme, the Trainees’ professional competence, capacity and career aspirations will be considered together with the Group’s development plans, and they will be matched and placed in designated business units in the Group’s Ecosystem to drive new projects or initiatives for the Group. Our Trainees are expected to be aspiring, forward-thinking, entrepreneurial individuals, who demonstrate competence in project management, have a strong customer-centric, strategy-oriented, innovative mindset, and continue to display great passion at work.

Who We Are Looking For

  • Individuals with no more than five years of work experience
  • Change makers with an entrepreneurial spirit and strong ability to initiate and drive innovative business ideas, and a willingness to speak up and voice out their ideas
  • Forward-thinking pathfinders, who are passionate, curious and have a strong drive to learn
  • 360-degree strategy formulators and solution providers



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