New World Group Executive Associate Programme 2023

New World Group Executive Associate Programme 2023

During the two-year "New World Group Executive Associate" programme, you will be given the opportunity to explore and experience the diversified businesses of New World Group. You will also be enabled to rapidly gain a wealth of professional knowledge and skills, and demonstrate your strengths across various fields of work as you take the lead in your career development.

You will also have the opportunity to become a project owner, which will offer you a considerable degree of autonomy over business strategies and how best to apply your experience and ability to push for growth and explore new business opportunities for the Group.

You are cordially invited to join our team and adequately equip yourself to become a future leader. Let’s partner up through this programme and build a promising future together.

Programme Highlights

  1. Participate in impactful projects
    You will have the opportunity to take part in significant, large-scale projects and assume ownership of them, fully utilising your personal experience and professional knowledge to contribute to the Group's ecosystem and society at large.
  2. Immerse yourself in different workplace cultures
    By participating in our projects located in different regions, you will become knowledgeable of various workplace cultures, broaden your horizons and deepen your understanding of diverse working environments.
  3. Experience personal and professional development
    You will be provided with continuous learning and development opportunities to help you acquire new skills and prepare yourself for potential leadership roles.
  4. Benefit from excellent development and promotion opportunities
    We offer excellent and clear career prospects and promotion opportunities. By interacting and working directly with our senior management, you can gain valuable insights, and enhance your decision-making and leadership skills, laying a strong foundation for your career development.
  5. Experience a diverse Group ecosystem
    The New World Group has a diversified business ecosystem, encompassing over 20 industries. Being part of it will quickly expand your network, broaden your horizons, and effectively promote both your personal and the Group’s development.
  6. Actively promote a culture of innovation
    The Group is committed to promoting innovation and encourages colleagues to pursue innovation at work. In this creative and dynamic ecosystem, you will be endlessly inspired thanks to the vitality and creativity of our teams.
  7. Partner with us to Create Shared Value
    New World Group has always upheld the belief in Creating Shared Value, and we closely tie our business success to social progress. As a member of the team, you can leverage the power of our business and innovation to give back to society.

Our Requirements

  • Have 4–6 years of work experience and extensive professional knowledge in your field
  • Possess a strategic and growth mindset
  • Be a pathfinder, with a forward-thinking and pioneering spirit, while being passionate and curious about learning
  • Be a change-maker with an entrepreneurial spirit, capable of driving innovative business ideas
  • Have excellent communication and presentation skills, and the ability to motivate and lead a team
  • Less experienced candidates could be considered for roles such as Junior Associate or Entrepreneur/Technopreneur Trainee

Application Timeline

Application Period:
30 March – 30 April, 2023
Screening and Selection:
April – July 2023
Outcome Announcement:
From July 2023 onwards