New World Group cares about staff’s personal growth and development and is committed to providing them with an ideal working environment. The Group also extends its care to families of staff members by implementing a series of family-friendly activities and measures.

Enhancing Sense of Belonging

New World Group (the “Group”) believes our employees are its most valuable assets and strives to build an excellent team. Through innovation and sustainable development, the Group is committed to building a better society and it attributes its successes to the unfailing dedication of its staff.

As a token of the Group’s appreciation for long-serving staff’s devotion and loyalty, Long Service Awards are presented at New World Group Annual Dinner, Long Service Awards are presented to long-serving staff. It is also hoped that, through this annual staff event, staff’s sense of belonging and harmony among the different business operations are enhanced, which will in turn help the Group reach new heights.

Promoting Family-Friendly Culture

New World Group Family Carnival

In tandem with attaching great importance to the development of an excellent team, the Group makes efforts in encouraging staff to achieve a healthy balance between work and life. By organising New World Group Family Carnival, where numerous interesting programs, games, competitions and performances are arranged for all staff and their families, the Group aims to strength staff's relationships with their families and enhance communication and collaboration among staff from different Group companies.

Family-friendly Measures

The motto "One Step Forward" underpins the development of the Group’s family care measures. As a Caring Company and a Distinguished Family-Friendly Employer, the Group is committed to providing its staff members with an ideal work environment and comprehensive welfare. This caring spirit is also extended to employees' families. A series of innovative family care measures are in place, including flexible working hours, family care leave, birthday leave, examination leave, education subsidy, and the Inventing Your Future Education Sponsorship Scheme for employees' children.

New World Sports Club

As part of the Staff Wellness Program, New World Sports Club encourages the staff to participate in sports activities, allowing them to experience the benefits of exercising. This also enables staff to attain work-life balance, trust and team spirit represented by the T in UNITI.

Wellness Programme

New World Group cares about its employees' well-being, not only because healthy staff yields better productivity, but also because we treat our employees as our family members. Our wellness programme aims to encompass every aspect of employees' health. Below are the key initiatives of this programme:

UNITI Fruit Day

To further demonstrate New World’s core values UNITI and care for staff's health, the Group brings colleagues fresh fruits regularly. Thought-provoking sayings or stories are also shared, thereby deepening staff’s understanding of UNITI and boosting their sense of belonging.

Health Education

In collaboration with Pfizer Hong Kong, health seminars on a vast range of topics, such as disease prevention and its control, are regularly held for our staff to raise their health awareness. Health journals and books which provide staff with the latest information on health and leisure reading can be accessed in the UNITI Room.


Staff Counselling

Hong Kong Family Welfare Society provides employee assistance service to all staff members. Staff counselling and other services are included:

  1. Counselling hotline;
  2. Face-to-face counselling;
  3. E-mail consultation;
  4. Clinical psychological consultation;
  5. Referral to other social services where necessary; and
  6. Mental health-related education.