To build a better society through innovation and sustainable growth     

•    Commit to long-term value creation for shareholders via sound and visionary leadership
•    Pioneer a contemporary living culture through the delivery of bespoke products and services 
•    Deliver unique and intriguing customer experiences that cater to their needs
•    Nurture a professional and intrapreneurial staff force with commitment and pride
•    Care for our communities and new generation and respect our environment  

Our values underpin the Group's success and guide our actions in achieving continuous and sustainable growth. These values also reflect our culture which defines the qualities and behaviours of our people who help us make our vision a reality.

•    Treat the Group's business as your own
•    Act with a strong desire to achieve and succeed 
•    Have courage to take risks

•    Focus on originality in products and services
•    Be creative and open-minded 
•    Always look for new knowledge and be ready to embrace change

•    Take an international perspective
•    Be sensitive to happenings and the latest trends around the world 
•    Benchmark with international standards and practices

One-step Forward
•    Proactive in meeting changes of customers' needs
•    Not reaching the expected, but exceeding it 
•    Always strive for continuous improvement

New Generation
•    Provide young talent with platforms to fulfil their dreams
•    Encourage sharing of new thinking 
•    Be an inspiring incubator for future leaders