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22 Nov

NWS Volunteer Alliance 10th Anniversary

Spreading the love and care around

NWS Holdings Limited ("NWS") celebrated the 10th anniversary of its corporate volunteer team, NWS Volunteer Alliance, at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre earlier. To share this joyous occasion with our volunteers, those who accumulated significant service hours in the past year were invited to join the NWS Volunteer Alliance 10th Anniversary Award Presentation Ceremony together with their family members. Representatives of Social Welfare Department and welfare agencies were also invited to share NWS's delightful success.

Tsang Yam-Pui, Executive Director and Chairman of Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of NWS, expressed his appreciation for the volunteers' wholehearted participation in volunteer services. "The 10th anniversary is a milestone which marks our excellent performance in volunteering in the past 10 years. It has also motivated us to continue to fully utilize NWS's resources to serve the community, which will benefit the society as a whole." he said at the ceremony.

To mark the 10th anniversary of NWS Volunteer Alliance, NWS Holdings Charities Foundation made a special donation of HK$100,000 in support the work of a charitable organization to be selected by the volunteers themselves. TWGHs Fong Shu Chuen Day Activity Centre cum Hostel, a long-term partner of NWS, was eventually voted as the beneficiary. In addition, the matching donation under NWS Volunteer Alliance Award Programme by NWS's Charities Foundation has also been doubled from HK$10 for each hour served by the volunteers to HK$20, which will in turn benefit more people in need.

Patrick Lam and Tommy Cheung, Executive Directors of NWS, and Dominic Lai, Non-Executive Director of NWS, presented "Top 10 Service Hour Awards", "Best Improvement Award", "Best New Volunteer Award", "Passionate Award" and various 10th anniversary special awards to recognize the outstanding contribution made by NWS's volunteers. To commemorate the 10th anniversary, one of NWS's volunteers composed a theme song for the team and a Facebook Group was established to facilitate volunteers' interactions.

Since its establishment in 2001, NWS Volunteer Alliance had nearly 2,000 registered volunteers and accumulated more than 80,000 service hours. The volunteer team has set up the haircutting team, clown team, balloons modeling team and Chinese dancing team to serve the community with different skills.