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4 Jul

NWS Holdings garnered Hong Kong HR Awards 2008

NWS Holdings Limited ("NWS Holdings" or the "Group";Hong Kong stock code: 659) has just garnered the "Best Employer Branding" and the "Best HR Young Gun" awards at the Hong Kong HR Awards 2008. NWS was also "highly recommended" in the categories "Best Talent Management" and "Best Work Health Practice". Besides, Urban Property Management Limited ("UPML") under NWS received the "Best Change Management Practices" award. The judges were impressed by NWS's and UPML's outstanding performance of in human resources strategy and management, as well as in nurturing talents Mr Chan Kam-Ling, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of NWS Holdings, said,"We are deeply honoured to receive the awards. NWS believes quality talents is the drive of our business development, therefore we have always strived to attract, nurture and retain talents. We care about staff's mental and physical health, and actively build our image as a good employer."

To attract and retain talents, NWS endeavors to build its employer brand. The element of brand promotion is strategically incorporated into NWS Holdings' human resources management, which leads to the launch of diverse innovative items, such as NWS Corporate Song, Fruit for Care campaign, NWS Reading Club and a variety of sports and recreational activities. The initiatives not only enhance staff cohesion, but also create public awareness and attract potential employees. New Voice and NWS's staff newsletters, successfully enhance internal communication as well as strengthen NWS Holdings' employer brand by winning numerous international awards.

Besides, the "Best HR Young Gun" award recognizes NWS Holdings'efforts in nurturing and developing young talents to support its sustainable development. On top of providing a dynamic and eye-opening working environment for employees, NWS encourages lifelong learning of staff by organizing various training courses and subsidizing continuous education. The measures promote staff's unceasing self-enhancement and help develop their potential to the full.

UPML under NWS achieved the "Best Change Management Practices" award for its flexible human resources management. With communication as the top priority, UPML's management strategy enables it to continuously improve its service quality and develop its business in the ever-changing business environment.

Organized by Key Media International Limited, the Hong Kong HR Awards 2008 are presented to human resources teams or practitioners with outstanding performance. Around 50 major corporations entered for the awards this year. Judging criteria include effectiveness of human resources initiatives and innovative management skills, etc. The award presentation ceremony was held on 20 June 2008.