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14 Feb

NWS Holdings celebrates 12th Anniversary by launching Home Sweet Home Volunteer Programme

NWS Holdings Limited (“NWS Holdings” or the “Group”; Hong Kong stock code: 659) today celebrated the 12th anniversary of its First Trading Day by hosting the NWS Caring Day 2015. In line with the theme of Valentine’s Day, the event also marked the launch of Home Sweet Home Volunteer Programme, a year-round volunteer service designed to promote family values and nurture love and care among families. Some 300 participants comprising the Group’s employees and recipient families were engaged in the full-day programme featuring paper floral art, thematic games, and a sightseeing tour around Hong Kong Island on the Group’s New World First Bus and Citybus.

Under the theme of “Home Sweet Home”, and with the full support from the Christian Family Service Centre (“CFSC”), the event received enthusiastic participation by staff members from the Group and over 50 grassroot families from Kowloon East. The event began with a Valentine’s Day thematic activity in which the handcrafting team of NWS Volunteer Alliance coached participants in making colourful paper flowers for sending to their neighbours and relatives to spread caring message. The recipient families and corporate volunteers also took a ride on New World First Bus and Citybus for a guided cultural tour to Stanley, where the participants enjoyed a bonding time with their family members.

Tsang Yam Pui, Executive Director and Chairman of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of NWS Holdings, said, “NWS Holdings has always been committed to promoting harmonious family relationships. In addition to implementing family-friendly and work-life balance measures across the Group, we actively encourage the cultivation of family values through volunteer service as part of our efforts to build a caring and giving corporate culture.” In the forthcoming year, NWS Holdings and the Christian Family Service Centre will partner to instil harmonious family life through the Home Sweet Home Volunteer Programme that includes family photography, movie day and dessert making activities. These activities will roll out in the following months and it is estimated that over 200 families from Kowloon East will benefit from the full-year programme.

Professor Alex Kwan Yui Huen, the Vice-Chairman of Christian Family Service Centre, said, “Christian Family Service Centre is pleased to join hands with NWS Holdings on social caring project. Our service users are mostly grassroot families that require community support from time to time. The Home Sweet Home Volunteer Programme’s objective to promote love and care among family members aligns with the mission of CFSC and the need of the community.”