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11 Dec

NWDS Presents Its First Standalone Sustainability Report

New World Department Store China Limited (“NWDS” or the “Company”; Hong Kong stock code: 825), one of the largest owners and operators of department stores in Mainland China, is pleased to present its first standalone sustainability report, “NWDS Sustainability Report 2014” (the “Report”), which makes NWDS one of the first department store chain operators in Mainland China to publish such report. The Report covers the Company’s major sustainability initiatives and activities implemented in four aspects, namely, community services, environmental protection, staff benefits and development, and operating practices in FY2014 (1 July 2013 to 30 June 2014).

NWDS always pays close attention to its corporate sustainable development. The Company formed an inter-departmental NWDS Environmental Committee as early as in February 2010, and upgraded it to NWDS Sustainability Steering Committee after reviewing its sustainability management framework in March 2012, which helps define a comprehensive roadmap for the Company’s sustainable development. The publication of the Report further exemplifies the Company’s commitment to promoting sustainable development.

The Company understands that the views of stakeholders are vital to the planning of its sustainability roadmap and being an attentive listener enables it to tailor appropriate solutions that meet the expectations of the public. During the course of report preparation, an independent consultant was commissioned to conduct stakeholder engagement sessions for the management team, customers, suppliers/contractors, staff, investors and non-profit organizations. Comments regarding the Company’s sustainability performance have been gathered through focus group meetings, surveys, telephone interviews and face-to-face interviews, so as to help perfect the Company’s relevant strategies and initiatives.

The Report depicts the business overview, sustainability policies and corporate governance of the Company to give stakeholders a better understanding of its sustainability values. Then it reports the Company’s performance in community services, environmental protection, staff benefits and development, and operating practices during the year under review in great detail. They include the kick-off of the “@Dream Sustainable Development Program”, being the title sponsor of the “New World Department Stores Sowers Action Challenging 12 Hours Charity Marathon 2014” for the first time, the organization of the “Green Mid-Autumn Festival – Moon Cake Box Recycling Campaign” for three consecutive years, and the introduction of the Supplier Code of Conduct. Clover is chosen as the design theme of the Report to symbolize the equal importance of the four areas.

To enhance the Company’s transparency, the Report is prepared in accordance with the latest internationally-recognized Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. The Company also includes indicators of the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Reporting Guide of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited in the GRI Content Index as reference, which has proven that the Company’s sustainability disclosures are up to world-class standards. The Report has also been accessed and certified by the independent Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency.

Ms. Rebecca Woo, Corporate Affairs Director and Chairman of Sustainable Steering Committee of NWDS, said, “As early as our public listing in 2007, we have included the sustainability activities participated and organized by NWDS in our annual and interim reports. This year, we take it up a notch to present our first sustainable report, which marks a major milestone in our sustainability journey. The Report is our pledge to promote sustainable development, and help bridge the communication gap with stakeholders to attentively listen to their opinions and continuously review the Company’s measures and strategies in order to meet the expectations of society. Looking ahead, NWDS will further incorporate sustainable development into daily operations and enhance the relevant systems and measures. Concurrently, we will continue to collaborate with different stakeholder groups to work hand in hand to make contributions to society on community welfare and environment protection agenda.”

Please visit NWDS’ website – “Corporate Social Responsibility” for the “NWDS Sustainability Report 2014”.