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9 May

New World Group donates toys and shares love with Tung Chung children

New World Group (‘the Group”) is committed to protecting the environment and helping the needy in the community. The Group and its subsidiaries have recently organized a green activity named Toy Donation among staff members to promote environmental protection and send the message of love to the needy. Toys collected were donated to children in Tung Chung on the Toy Bank Fun Day jointly organized by New World Group and the Toy Bank of the YMCA of Hong Kong yesterday. Volunteers from the Group delivered the toys to the children and spent a wonderful weekend with them. 

Mr Adrian Cheng Chi-Kong, Executive Director of New World Group, said, “Toys are luxury to the children from low-income families. Sharing is a way to show our love and care to others. We organize this donation activity to encourage colleagues to share their love and happiness to the children in need. This donation activity also aligns with the green philosophy of the Group.” 

More than 700 toys in various types had been donated by staff and sent to the Tung Chung Centre of the YMCA of Hong Kong. To prepare for the Toy Bank Fun Day, volunteers from the Group had participated in the cleaning and sterilization of the toys at the Centre. 

Volunteers from the Group and around 10 families from Tung Chung attended the Fun Day. Apart from games and activities, the parents and children also shared their feeling on joining the Toy Bank. They thanked New World Group and Toy Bank for giving toys to their children. The happy and cheerful kids also promised to treasure what they had received, “After joining this project, I am happier than before and the relationship with my little sister has been improved. Affected by the social workers and volunteers here, I started to serve the community as a volunteer and will help in taking care of the little children.” Said by Tai Lok-Yin who have participated in Toy Bank for half a year. 

Toy Bank was established in December 2008 by the YMCA of Hong Kong which is a pilot project started in Tung Chung with an objective to promote the spirit “It is happy to own something, but it is happier to share something with others”. It aims at serving the underprivileged families. Children who open an account at the Toy Bank will be given a bank book. All they need to do is to write their target in it, as simple as “living harmoniously with brothers and sisters” or “brush the teeth every day”. They will be given a toy if the target is achieved.