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16 Apr

New World First Bus and Citybus Award Multi-Media On-Board (MMOB) Advertising Agency Services to Buspak

New World First Bus Services Limited and Citybus Limited ("the Companies") announced that the contracts for the sole and exclusive Multi-Media On-Board advertising agency services for the Companies have been awarded to Buspak Advertising (Hong Kong) Limited ("Buspak") for a period of five years starting from 1 July 2012.

"We are more than delighted to have won the contracts as this not only reassures Buspak's efforts in developing the bus media in a high level of professionalism and innovative approach, it also helps lift us to be an even more progressive and proactive OOH player in this industry", said Adrian Lai, General Manager of Buspak. "Our future-shaping philosophy directed us to stay ahead and ride on the evolving media landscape and digital revolution. Webus is a pioneer of how Buspak can turn the challenge into an opportunity. Nowadays, integration is the key in marketing communication and to ensure a consistent brand story across various communication touchpoints. We strongly believe an integrated platform of bus body and interiors, MMOB and Webus can enhance its functions and services to more diversifications for the general public as well as the advertising industry."

This appointment means Buspak now have to manage and operate the advertising assets of all bus media, covering bus body, bus interiors, Webus and MMOB, of the Companies' total fleet of around 1,700 buses that run through the Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories.