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25 Feb

HKCEC welcomes 31 new exhibitions and major conferences in 2011

The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) is celebrating a successful start of 2011 with seven brand new exhibitions and 24 international and regional conferences scheduled in the year. A number of recurrent exhibitions also have plans to expand. This is the result of focused business development efforts and effective marketing strategies plus world class services of the venue's private and professional management company, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (Management) Ltd (HML).

The 24 major international conferences are expected to bring altogether over 20,000 delegates, experts and government officials from all over the world to Hong Kong and the HKCEC. These conferences cover a diverse range of topics, from medical science, dental, engineering and construction, retailing and consumers, to infrastructure, phonetic sciences, yoga, ICT, and sustainability. Among the 24 conferences, 15 are new to the HKCEC.

The seven new exhibitions, organised by different local and overseas organisers, are C3 in Hong Kong 2011, Online Information Asia-Pacific 2011, Mines and Money Hong Kong 2011, Hong Kong International Buddhist Products Fair, ART FUTURES, ASIA ONE, and SIGGRAPH Asia 2011. These exhibitions are organised by seven organisers. Four of them are based overseas and are organising exhibitions at HKCEC for the first time.

With support from all the key information industry suppliers, leading speakers and many knowledge and information management associations from across the region, Online Information Asia-Pacific 2011 is set to be Asia's largest information industry event. It comprises an exhibition, a business information forum, a conference and a seminar programme.

In more than three decades SIGGRAPH has established itself as the most prestigious organisation in the world for computer graphics, interactivity and media arts. SIGGRAPH Asia 2011, the 4th Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques Conference and Exhibition in Asia, will be held in Hong Kong and at HKCEC for the first time to provide a unique industry platform for the international computer graphics community to learn from the best in the field in research, animation, art, multimedia, visualization, hardware, games, visual effects, and education.

Just three years since its inauguration, ART HK has become the leading international art fair in Asia. Already a key fixture on the international art calendar each May, ART HK turns HKCEC into an epicentre of the arts, attracting a rich mix of international galleries, collectors, curators, museum directors and art lovers. This year, the organiser of ART HK will introduce two new concurrent art exhibitions - "ART FUTURES" and "ASIA ONE", expanding the overall event size by 30%.

ART FUTURES aims at showcasing works by budding talents aged 35 or below represented by new galleries from around the world. ASIA ONE is dedicated to galleries in Asia which will exhibit a solo presentation by artists of Asian origin. The solo show is designed to help build knowledge of Asian artists and their profile, and to provide accessible works for new collectors. ASIA ONE provides a unique opportunity for international collectors to explore Asia's rapidly developing art scene.

The expansion ART HK is a result of the New Exhibitions Incentives designed and offered by HML to encourage local and international exhibition organisers to launch new ventures at HKCEC.

Ms Monica Lee-Müller, HML's Deputy Managing Director, said, "We are sensitive to changes in the global economy and the particular challenges that exhibition and conference organisers are facing. That's why we offer flexible booking policies and powerful incentives to new and recurrent events. We are confident that these new exhibitions will grow healthily in the next few years."

Monica continued, "It is gratifying to see such a promising start of 2011. The new events and their organisers from around the world are certainly a welcomed addition to HKCEC's strong event portfolio which already includes many of Asia and world's largest exhibitions and major international conferences."

"HML schedules, plans, coordinates and serves over 1,000 exhibitions, conferences, corporate meetings, entertainment events and banquets every year. These events contribute significant economic benefits to the city and raise the international image of Hong Kong. We are proud of our role in actively bidding for high profile events to Hong Kong and serving millions of attendees," Monica added.