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4 Mar

HKCEC a haven for budding young artists

126 students visit HKCEC and sketch this Hong Kong landmark

A total of 126 students were given the chance to visit the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre ("HKCEC") and learn about its contribution to Hong Kong on 3 March 2012, while also looking at its architecture and interior design from an artistic perspective. The students were participating in "A Landmark for Success" Drawing Competition 2012 ("Drawing Competition"), a first-time event organised by Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (Management) Limited ("HML"). The aim of the Drawing Competition was to unlock the skills and creativity of the participants, while at the same time enhancing their knowledge of the HKCEC and the Wan Chai district.

The Drawing Competition was open to all Primary 5 and 6 and Secondary 1 to 3 students from member schools of the Wan Chai District Headmasters' Conference. Participants were nominated by their schools. Response to the Drawing Competition was overwhelming, with a total of 80 students from six secondary schools participating, along with 46 students from five primary schools.

Participating students were offered a joint introduction to the HKCEC, and then divided into groups and given site tours to different facilities within the building. Their destinations included restaurants, unoccupied exhibition halls, meeting rooms, and the convention hall. They were even shown inside facilities not normally open to the public, such as reporter rooms and the VIP Lounge inside the Grand Hall, the venue for the 1997 Handover ceremony.

Following the site tours, participants were given 90 minutes in which to use their creative talents to draw some aspect of the HKCEC. The outcome was a superb array of creative sketches and views, testifying to the artistic talent of the young people of Wan Chai.

The competition results will be announced at a later date.

Organisers and partners of the Drawing Competition:
Organiser: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (Management) Limited
Partner Organisations: Wan Chai District Council
Wan Chai Headmasters' Conference
Supporting Organisation: Hong Kong Arts Centre

Mr Suen Kai-Cheong, BBS, MH, JP
Chairman of Wan Chai District Council

Mr Chan Wai-Bong, Clement
Senior Lecturer/Programme Coordinator of Hong Kong Art School
Hong Kong Arts Centre

Mr Yip Yam-Wing, Stephen
Chief Curriculum Development Officer (Life-wide Learning and Library Section)
Education Bureau, The Government of the HKSAR

Mr Cliff Wallace
Managing Director, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (Management) Ltd