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4 Jul

"Go Green with NWDS" Campaign Completes with Satisfaction Over 10,000 Customers Support Green Shopping at NWDS

New World Department Store China Limited ("NWDS" or the "Company"; Hong Kong stock code: 825), one of the largest owners and operators of department stores in the PRC, has always committed to environmental protection. To echo with the United Nations' World Environment Day on June 5, NWDS has launched a 12-day nationwide green campaign called "Go Green with NWDS" in June and has received wide support from customers and staff, making a success to deliver customers a green yet joyful shopping experience and promote a low-carbon lifestyle.

"Go Green with NWDS" is one of the most important annual environmental activities in NWDS. In which "Green Causal Wear Day" was held on 5 June as a kick off that over 7,000 NWDS staff were mobilized for a common green purpose, front line customer service staff put on green scarfs while back end support team wore green outfits; and offices were decorated with small potted plants and organic fruits were distributed among staff, building up a large NWDS green power.

During the event, the Company has organized a series of environmental-friendly sales promotion campaigns, such as "Green Rewards GO GO GO" and "Seedlings Adoption Program", which were well received by the customers. In line with the theme, every store's customer service and cashier counters were decorated with marketing materials developed by the event mascot "GAGA Green Fighter". Customers wearing green attires or accessories could take away a wide range of green and refreshing gifts, such as small potted plants, plant seeds, tea bags and health drink, etc. upon purchase of a specified amount. As a result, over 10,000 pieces of gifts were given away and a significant increase in terms of traffic and sales were recorded during the event. Through engaging the customers, we aim to encourage them to make a greener consumption decision and help build a greener Earth starting from their households.

In addition, with the rapid development of the Internet and smart phones, the Company has enlarged its promotional channels to social media platforms such as Weibo and Wechat from traditional media and in-store promotion to order to expand the customer base to young and chic generation. The positive outcome has proven that these platforms do not only provide a causal, fun and interactive setting to make influence on youngsters in relation to green living attitude, but also effective in drawing online users to visit our physical stores.

Rebecca Woo, Director of Corporate Affairs and Chairman of Sustainability Steering Committee of NWDS said, "Environmental protection relates to our everyday life, therefore, NWDS has been making much effort in this aspect to realize corporate sustainability in recent years. This spectacular green activity is designated to enhance customers and staff awareness on green issues while inspiring customers to incorporate green concepts into their everyday life while delivering them a pleasant green shopping experience. Last month, the Company also launched a new environmental protection campaign "Every day, Low Carbon Day" at Hong Kong office to encourage staff to help reduce carbon emission by making extra small effort such as switching off office lightings and computer screens for an hour during lunch time. In a long run, we will continue to devise more green policies and organize more Eco sustainable projects, and fully engage staff and the public to play a part in caring for the Earth."