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“The Artisanal Movement is a journey of expanding one’s imagination, not only limited to design and aesthetics, but also amassing a modern living culture through our persistence in delivering bespoke craftsmanship manifested by originality”
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  • 11 Dec

    Group News

    8 December 2017, Hong Kong: Culture for Tomorrow (CFT), inaugurates with the cross-cultural event, “Hot is Cool: A Cultural Dialogue between Finlan

    「Hot is Cool」 A cross-cultural dialogue between The Finnish Sauna and The Hong Kong Pavilion  Adrian Cheng debuts Culture for Tomorrow to turn audacious design and architectural fantasies into reality Read on
  • December 2017
  • 5 Dec

    Group News

    (5 December 2017 — Hong Kong) The Esports Association Hong Kong and K11 jointly announce that “K11 Chinese Esports Games”, sponsored by K11 and co-

    Hong Kong’s first Cross-strait Four Regions International Esports Championship K11 Chinese Esports Games as “Asian Games Preheat” next month Hong Kong Team Recruits Esports Talent Read on
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