Name District Type E-mail Telephone
ATRIUM HOUSE New Territories Residential (852) 8232 8288
TIMBER HOUSE Hong Kong Island Residential (852) 8338 3338
ARTISAN GARDEN Kowloon Residential (852) 8135 6688
FLEUR PAVILIA Hong Kong Island Residential (852) 8130 0711
THE PARKVILLE New Territories Residential (852) 8130 7766
THE PAVILIA BAY New Territories Residential (852) 8336 6116
PARK VILLA New Territories Residential (852) 8336 6113

Sculpture by Jean-Michel Othoniel

New Territories Residential (852) 8332 2233
THE PAVILIA HILL Hong Kong Island Residential (852) 8339 3838
DOUBLE COVE STARVIEW New Territories Residential (852) 3111 3888
THE REACH New Territories Residential (852) 8209 2888
THE RIVERPARK New Territories Residential (852) 3111 3888
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