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11 Dec

Wuhan New World Centre won "2006-2007 Top10 China City Building Landmark" award

Wuhan New World Centre, a mixed use urban property project developed by New World China Land Limited "NWCL") in the core city centre of Wuhan, has won the prestigious "2006-2007 Top10 China City Building Landmark" award during the Urban Planning and Development Forum held on December 6 in Macau. 

This is the second time New World China Land has won this award, Wuhan New World Trade Tower had been granted the same title in 2004. The joint research team formed by China Real Estate Index and China Index Research Academy evaluate highly of Wuhan New World Centre, they have found the enclosed double "L" shaped layout of the multi-residential and commercial building blocks formed a coherent street level landscape, which as a whole added a touch of metropolitan vista to the nearby predominantly commercial neighborhood. 

Wuhan New World Centre is situated on the focal point of the Hankou central commercial and business district where Jiefang Road and Hangkong Road intersect. Numerous public and commercial facilities such as shopping centre, park, hotel, hospital and convention centre are nearby and the district has been traditionally the connection point among the three cities of Hankou, Wuchang and Hanyang. Wuhan New World Centre has a total GFA of about 280,000 sq.m. comprised of residential, office, retail and hotel property.