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19 Sep

Wuhan Changqing Garden "New Transit" Launching for Sale

New World China Land Limited ("NWCL" or "the Group", Hong Kong stock code: 917) has launched a new phasing of Wuhan Changqing Garden called "New Transit" in Neighborhood No.5 on 20 September, 2008. 

"New Transit" occupies a site area of 43,072 sq m and has a total development GFA of 95,765 sq. m. It is comprised of 11 middle-to-high-rise residental towers providing a total of 746 units, green space coverage is about 35.3%. Various accommodations are provided to meet different needs of customers, including the 88 to 101 sq. m. two-bedroom; 112 to 126 sq. m. three-bedroom and the 196 to 259 sq. m. duplex apartment unit. The architectural design of "New Transit" utilizes the curving and linear building groupings which enhances the transparency of the community thus maximizing the view of each unit. The double balcony design of "New Transit" facilitates ventilation inside the unit and allows natural lights to penetrate deep through it. 

"New Transit" is close to the commencing station of Wuhan Subway line No. 2 - Jinyintan Station. Residents will have easy access to the subway which when open will connect all three districts of Wuhan. Having been developed for more than 10 years, Changqing Garden has a full range of comprehensive facilities throughout the community, but the new 1,000 sq. m. long commercial street inside the "New Concept" phasing, which is also located in Neighborhood No.5, will add extra convenience to residents of "New Transit". 

Changqing Garden is located at the Donghu District, north of Wuhan Hangkou station. It is situated at the north of Jiangjun Road, north of Middle Ring Road, west of Airport Highways, and north of Machi Road, and is just 15 minutes drive from the city centre. It is one of the most significant residential project of NWCL in Wuhan. Changqing Garden has a massive site area of 4,500 acre and a total development GFA of four million sq. m. When all finished, an expected 200,000 residents would call it their home. Throughout the past decade or so, NWCL has already invested over RMB 3.5 billion on Changqing Garden; a total GFA of two million sq. m. has been completed and a whopping 100,000 residents have already been living there. It has been awarded with Outstanding Pilot Urban Residential Community by the Ministry of Construction, and Outstanding Development Management Award, being one of the top honor among the city construction awards. Changqing Garden is also one of the largest pilot communities in Mainland China.