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12 Dec

Wenchuan Weizhou Tourism cum Qiang Cultural Exhibition and Performance

Promote tourism and culture of Weizhou, Wenchuan

New World Development Company Limited ( "NWD" or "the Group", Hong Kong stock code : 17) and New World China Land Limited ("NWCL", Hong Kong stock code: 917) organize "Wenchuan Weizhou Tourism cum Qiang Cultural Exhibition and Performance" on 12 to 13 December with China Young Leaders Foundation ("CYLF") and Roundtable Community, promoting and publicizing the social, economic and tourism development of Weizhou, Wenchuan, Sichuan to the public, and showing their support to the local reconstruction.

The exhibition is prepared by a group of Hong Kong tertiary students who participated in the "Wenchuan Cultural Tour" in August 2009. The students visited Weizhou in Wenchuan and got to know more about the reconstruction and economic development in the affected area. They also visited the Qiang villages and shared the Qiang life stories. The students now help promote various Wenchuan reconstruction development projects, tourism and the Qiang culture in this activity through exhibition, photos, videos, cultural performances and display of handicrafts, encouraging the public to support the redevelopment in Wenchuan.

Mr Adrian Cheng, Executive Director of NWD and Chairman of CYLF said, "Immediate monetary donations for the earthquake helped address emergency needs and relieve problems. We believe that recovery, reconstruction and the promotion of self-help are the keys to support the social and economic development of the affected areas in the long run. As a result, we organize this exhibition with Roundtable Community. Moreover, we hope that by introducing the Qiang minority and its art of embroidery to the Hong Kong public, we can help contribute to the preservation and inheritance of the Qiang culture."

An opening ceremony was held today and the organizers invited Ms Yang Hua Zhen, the representative inheritor of cross-stitching crafts and Founder and Art Director of Tibetan and Qiang Embroidery Center, together with the Qiangs, to introduce the Qiang embroidery, perform traditional dance, play Qiang flute and share their post-earthquake life with the public.

Mr Fred Lam, Chief Campaigner of Roundtable Community, shows his support to the local students' the cultural exchange with the Mainland, "Cultural exchange allows the youngsters to care and learn about people with different experiences and cultural backgrounds. This activity not only allows the students to share and experience the livelihood of the affected people in the aftermath of the Sichuan earthquake, but also teaches them the importance of treasuring the culture of the minorities."

The Qiang embroidery, a well-known Qiang handicraft, is the Qiang cultural treasure with more than thousands of years of history. At the exhibition today, the public participated in the Qiang embroidery workshops, learnt the techniques of the Qiang embroidery and had a taste of the Qiang culture. Meanwhile, the Qiang ladies displayed their handicrafts, such as shoes, waist band, handkerchief, pillow and more, attracting a lot of attention and appreciation. In addition, the Qiangs performed their traditional dance, sang folk songs and played Qiang flute so as to demonstrate their culture to the public.

Details of "Wenchuan Weizhou Tourism cum Qiang Cultural Exhibition and Performance"

Date: 12-13 December 2009
Time: 1pm to 8pm, 12 December (The Opening Ceremony will be held at 2:30pm); 9am to 6pm, 13 December
Venue: Y-Platform at Youth Square (238 Chai Wan Road, Chai Wan)
Exhibition - Introduction of the tourism and economic redevelopment projects of Weizhou through text, photos and videos.
Performance - The Qiang representatives will give cultural performance including dancing and singing
Workshops - The Qiang representatives will demonstrate their special embroidery and teach the general public in designated timeslots
Display of Handicraft - The exhibition will display the handicraft of the Qiang, including shoes, waist band, handkerchief, pillow and more

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