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20 Jul

Wenchuan Water Plant Supported by NWCL Starts Its Service

(Hong Kong, July 20, 2009) The new waterworks of Wenchuan partially funded by New World China Land Limited ("New World China Land" or "The Group" for short; HK Stock Code: 917) has, through over seven months' efforts, been formally completed and put into operation in early July. Su Zequn, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Guangzhou Municipal Committee and executive deputy mayor of Guangzhou Municipal Government, and Mr Yuan Zhihai, assistant GM of New World China Land South China Region jointly attended the completion ceremony for the waterworks and unveiled the "Aid Sichuan with Water" memorial stone of New World China Land. 

The new waterworks of Wenchuan takes into full account the features of both banks of Minjiang River and the architectural style of the Qiang ethnic minority, and has thus become the main scene in the entrance of Wenchuan along the Maowen Road. In the future, a water-themed Cultural Museum will be planned here, which will provide the construction with the spirit of humanism. 

Located in Jiangzhenba of Weizhou Town, the new waterworks of Wenchuan County is among the first batch of projects of the people's livelihood that are funded and constructed by Guangzhou Municipality. Covering an area of 10,189 sq m and with the planned daily water supply scale of 10,000 cu m, the waterworks can supply water for life and production for 30,000 people of Wenchuan County in the short term, and 50,000 people in the long run. Thus, it is the waterworks project with the largest scale and the most advanced technology in the Aba region. The new waterworks is invested in by a total of RMB15 million, and New World China Land contributed the start-up capital of RMB five million in the prior stage, which includes the fund of RMB281,000 raised by owners and staffs of New World China Land in the donation campaign named "Refuse Oblivion and Aid Sichuan with Water" in last December. 

"The Group has all along taken the urban construction as its mission and paid consistent attentions to the society and humanities, and Weizhou Town Waterworks is just one project among the millions of reconstruction projects in the entire Sichuan disaster zone", said Mr Zheng Zhigang, the executive director of New World China Land, "we hope more institutions and individuals of the society can reach out their hands and participate in the disaster zone reconstruction, so as to provide quake-affected people with material and economic aids within our reach." 

The ceremony was also attended by Chen Maohui, deputy general-secretary of Guangdong Provincial Government and the chief of the Provincial Working Group and Li Junfu, deputy general-secretary of Guangzhou Municipal Government and the chief of the Municipal frontline working group. Meanwhile, 11 owners and staff representatives of New World China Land and working personnel participating in the project construction witnessed the historical moment together.