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11 May

Sha Tin 18 presents refereshing summer menu

With summer finally upon us, Chef Ngai Hong Kin at Sha Tin 18 refreshes the menu with flavourful produce of the season to rejuvenate and maintain a healthy inner balance for guests during hot summer days.

Healthy and light appetisers are perfect for summer get-togethers. The vinegar in Marinated jelly fish with cucumber, garlic and Chinese black vinegar; Marinated cod fish with jasmine and white vinegar; and Marinated potato julienne with garlic, chilli, Chinese vinegar and sesame oil adds a light tanginess that makes the dishes irresistible, while winter melon in Marinated winter melon with preserved plum is harvested in summer and is a popular cooling ingredient to quench summer heat.

Summer is the time of the year when the market is abundant in seafood and fresh water catches, inspiring Chef Ngai to prepare a variety of seafood specialties with natural flavours of ocean and river treasures. Plums stimulate appetite and add a fruity summer touch to Steamed roe crab with Chen Chuen noodles, chilli and preserved plum; and Baked carp fish head with eggplant, chilli and preserved plum, while the natural sweetness of scallop is enhanced by the citrus taste of lemon in Steamed scallop with beancurd sheet and salted lemon. Chef Ngai also brings back the traditional typhoon-shelter flavour by introducing various popular local seafood dishes, including Wok-fried prawns with garlic, spring onion and preserved black beans and Steamed garoupa belly with chilli, garlic and spring onion.

Sha Tin 18's signature Dongguan cuisine is not to be missed. In order to continue the restaurant's legacy, Chef Ngai went to Dongguan to search for the city's local culinary traditions and bring back a variety of home-style comfort dishes that will give diners a genuine treat. Among the Dongguan specialties are aromatic Stir-fried chicken with Chinese basil and spring onion; and Steamed clam meat with conpoy and loofah cucumber that alleviates humidity from the body in hot summer months. Do not forget the healthy combination of Simmered sweet potatoes, taro and pumpkin with ginger and spring onion that is rich in multi-vitamins.

A meal would not be complete without tasting the new dessert creations by Chef Kelvin Lai that cleverly combine Western culinary style with Chinese ingredients, such as the soft and tangy Hawthorn lamington; smooth and delicious Chilled almond jelly with silver fungus and wolfberry; nutty Caramelised walnut sesame rolls with apricot sauce; and refreshing Cashew and preserved plum ice cream.

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