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22 Dec

Retain Happiness by Image and Interpret Life by Happiness

The documentary Discover Happiness invested by New World China Land and Huayi Brothers made its grand premiere in Guangzhou

Discover Happiness, a documentary themed with owners' daily life and invested by New World China Land Limited ("NWCL") and Huayi Brothers, and produced by Du Haibin Studio, made its grand premiere at Guangzhou Opera House. Mr. Gary Chen, General Manager of New World Development Company Limited ("NWD"; HK stock code: 17), Mr. Yuan Tao, General Manager of Huayi Brothers Media Group, the producers of the documentary, the leading families from eight cities of NWCL, owners at Guangzhou, more than 30 media from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau, totalling more than 400 persons, gathered together to enjoy the documentary with pleasure.

Discover Happiness showcases eight happy stories of ordinary families from eight cities of NWCL with NWCL property owners or the members of NWCL Club being the leading actors and actresses of the documentary, which was directed and elaborately produced by Director Du Haibin and his studio. The eight documentaries interpret scenes of life of ordinary people of different ages, occupations, and experiences from the perspectives of their family education, personal growth, cultural inheritance, and marriage, etc. as well as the urbanite's understandings on happiness, and truly and profoundly reflect the tender feelings which were easily covered by trifles of life.

During the premiere ceremony Mr Gary Chen, General Manager of NWD, said, "The happy life themed documentary initiated by NWCL and Huayi Brothers records, focuses on, and demonstrates the happy life of property owners through videos and images, which is an innovative attempt of NWCL in creating good community. Through the activity, NWCL promoted the concept of ‘Discovering new happy life' and integrated the regional properties, cultures and residential life of different regions in a systematical and three-dimensional manner by inviting property owners to play roles in the documentary. We sincerely hope the emotion revealed in Discover Happiness may move every audience and let ordinary people value and share their happiness with others."

The sponsor specially arranged the procedure of walking the red carpet at the premiere ceremony to let property owners of NWCL experience the ultimate sign of status as leading actors and actresses of the documentary. The participated owners' families from Shenyang, Anshan, Beijing, Tianjin, Chengdu, Wuhan, Guiyang, and Guangzhou gathered at the event venue to share their feelings in shooting, documentary titbits, and share their understandings on happiness with the production team. Happiness is Here, the theme song of the documentary created and performed by owners from those eight regions, was also presented through the documentary, and their truehearted and unaffected performance pushed the premiere to the climax.

In this August, aiming at advocating the public to share their own happy stories, NWCL and Huayi Brothers initiated "Every Day, New Life-Discover Happy Images" activity, which recruited and selected NWCL property owners and the members of NWCL Club to perform their own life. The documentary Discover Happiness is thus emerged. After casting, script writing, and film editing for four months at different communities of NWCL, Discover Happiness finally on show. During the activity, NWCL received nearly one hundred happiness story submissions, and 179 groups of property owners or the members of NWCL Club joined the casting selection through the official website, and more than 40,000 net friends participated in online voting. What's more, @New Life Happy Image, official Sina Weibo of NWCL attracted more than 20,000 fans to share their understandings on happiness.

Sustained and well-positioned operation of the community environment and building harmonious and happy communities are the business objective that NWCL, as a city builder, dedicates to. While NWCL is exerting itself to build healthy and comfortable residences which are in rapport with nature, it puts forward the brand slogan of "New World New Life" to go all out to build the new happy life of property owners. The invested documentary of Discover Happiness was shot for setting up a platform to perform the happy family life for property owners and convey happiness to the society by the images.

After the Guangzhou film premiere ceremony, the public may watch Discover Happiness on Sohu Video and other nationwide video websites on 18 December 2011. Communities of NWCL across the country will also organize several movie appreciation activities in the future. We hope to convey warm and simple happy stories to the whole society in a wider range so as to advocate the public to value their own happy life.