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18 Oct

Rainbow Orchestra Stages an Interim Performance to Demonstrate Hard Work of Under-resourced Children

New World Department Store China Limited ("NWDS" or the "Company"; stock code: 825.HK), one of the largest owners and operators of department store in the PRC, has been providing professional trainings covering music, art and language to under-resourced children since the launch of @Dream Sustainable Development Program in July. In which, the @Music-Rainbow Orchestra staged its first interim performance to the public at Hong Kong New World Department Store- Shanghai Shaanxi Road Branch Store this afternoon to fully demonstrate their hard work and dedication in the learning. With the impressive performance and interactive games, both students and audiences had an enjoyable yet inspiring journey of music.

All 40 students aged 7 to 12 participating in the interim performance come from Jinhui School in Shanghai Fengxian District. Most of them are either child of migrant workers or from families with financial difficulties. The day was filled with joy and happiness. On site, Smile and Dream Gathering Activity was held to capture children's smiling face on polaroid film while video footage featuring student's learning process since the establishment of @Music-Rainbow Orchestra was broadcasted to share their musical journey with the audiences. Most students knew nothing about music at the beginning and started the learning from scratch. Through a lot of practices, they have gradually picked up the skills over time. To prepare for this interim performance, both students and teachers maintained their class schedule during Mid-Autumn Festival and National Holiday just to seize more time for practice. The long-awaited interim performance started with the pipa ensemble performance on Jingle Bells, followed by the saxophone trio on Ode to Joy, and was perfectly wrapped up with girls' choir singing Let the World be Filled with Love. The performance was impressive and attracted many onlookers. Finally, the officials from the Education Bureau, NWDS management and student representatives were invited to the stage to carry out the simple but grand launch action by touching a magical crystal ball, which represents the unfolding of an unlimited dream. Despite the short learning period, the students firmly grasped the musical techniques and tips they learned, fully demonstrated their hardworking spirit. Students who didn't take part in the performance also attended the event to be cheerleaders for their classmates.

 @Dream Sustainable Development Program aims to provide under-resourced children in Mainland China and Hong Kong with an unconventional learning platform that offers them knowledge outside textbooks as well as training opportunities. In addition, under the four themes of sports, music, learning and soul, the moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetics development of the children will be nurtured and the realization of their seemingly untouchable goals will be given a helpful boost. The Company has received overwhelming supports from all direction since the launch of the program. For the @music component of the program, the Company has co-operated with Shanghai Fengxian Education Bureau to provide vocal, singing, musical instrument and other professional trainings to under-resourced children. A @Music-Rainbow Orchestra has been also formed which consists 12 squads including cello, violin, guitar, bass, electronic drums, yangqin, guzheng, dizi, erhu, pipa, saxophone and piano. The class is currently conducted by professional tutors once a week after the more intensive training during the summer holiday.

As a co-organizer, Shanghai Fengxian Education Bureau attaches great importance to the execution of @Dream Sustainable Development Program and provided guidance to the beneficiary school, Jinhui School in Shanghai Fengxian District, to carry out the establishment of @Music-Rainbow Orchestra in a serious manner. Facing the whole district with the base attached to Jinhui School, Shanghai Film Art Academy experts, professional teachers from Youth Activity Center in Fengxian District, NWDS volunteers braved the heat this summer and recruited about 300 music-loving students to compose the @Music-Rainbow Orchestra. After three-month learning under teachers' attentive guidance, the elegance of art inspires the children and gradually incorporates to their souls. Jinhui School will incorporate this campaign into the Happy Friday activity launched by Fengxian district to continuously enhance student's comprehensive qualities.

Rebecca Woo, Corporate Affairs Director and Chairman of Sustainable Steering Committee of NWDS, said, "Since of the launch of @Dream Sustainable Development Program, we have been paying attention to the student's learning, but stress even more on their healthy development. To facilitate better interaction, NWDS Volunteer Team pay visits to the school from time to time. Through interactive activities, we hope that the children can feel our warm-hearted care. The students have demonstrated great passionate in their studies and today's remarkable performance made me especially proud. @Music-Rainbow Orchestra marks a good start. We hope that the students can cherish the learning opportunities and work hard in their studies to march towards of the dream of becoming a little musician, carrying through the belief of @Dream Sustainable Development Program. Meanwhile, we hope the program can prosper, further extend its depth and breadth and cover other parts of Mainland China like NWDS' business to nurture more social pillars for the country."