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30 Jan

The Pinnacle Apartment opened grandly at year end

The Pinnacle Apartment, the hotel-style sea-view deluxe housing project developed by New World China Land ("NWCL" HK stock code: 917) in Dalian opened with available completed house and deluxe real view on January 30. The 108 choice products presented this time are all located above 25F, with flagship house layout ranging from 50 sq m to 196 sq m, 1-room and 2-room type, and the transaction price averaging RMB 21,000/sq m. On the day of opening, the site was crowded with more than 200 customers, and the first batch of 100 sets was nearly sold out. 

Dalian New World Mansion is another urban complex project in the CBD Renmin Road developed by the NWCL in the wake of Dalian New World Plaza - Manhattan Tower. With eastern and western towers, it covers an area of 16,600 sq m, with the total building area of 219,324 sq m. The Pinnacle Apartment located above 25F of the New World Hotel in the western tower, which is the only hotel-style service apartment built above a 5-star hotel in Dalian. 

The Pinnacle Apartment takes a lead in providing the 24h considerate auxiliary services around the city, and shares the deluxe hall and VIP top-grade clubhouse, etc. of the New World 5-star Hotel; besides, the fashion shopping center Fashion Walk on the 4F of the annex of the building covering an area of 27,000 sq m and integrating international first line famous brand products has opened in September. Due to favorable market response, The Pinnacle Apartment will successively present another 100+ new house products during the Chinese Spring Festival period.