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27 Sep

Owner's daily life themed movie invested by New World China Land and Huayi Bros. started shooting in Beijing

The film showcasing owners' daily life initiated by New World China Land Limited ("NWCL") and produced by Huayi Bros. held the kick-off ceremony in Beijing New World BRAVO Service Apartment Club on 26 September. Famous documentary directors Du Haibin, Liu Dong, and members of filming crew of Huayi Bros., senior management of NWCL and representatives of families acting the main character in the movie attended this activity, marking the official launch of the shooting of "Every Day, New Life-Discover Happy Images".

The movie records and restores the happy life of ordinary people in the form of a documentary movie, calling on people to pursue their happiness and advocating the public to share their understanding in happiness. The film will be supervised by the famous independent producer Du Haibin, and directed by the famous independent video producer Liu Dong, starred with ordinary families. These families are selected NWCL owners and VIPs of NWCL who went through the registration on official website available in Beijing, Tianjin, Anshan, Chengdu, Wuhan, Guangzhou, and Guiyang, online voting, off-line mass election and film crew interview. Families acting the main characters from Beijing and Tianjin were invited to this event, so that all guests could be able to see the elegant demeanor of the "model" happy families. At the ceremony, Huayi Bros. officially announced that they will invite NWCL owners from Beijing participating in this activity to write the theme song of the film together, while the production of the theme song will be completed by owners of NWCL from those eight cities. Mr Chen Zirong, General Manager of NWCL Beijing Region - the sponsor of the activity, made a speech on behalf of the company, hoping that the filming project would help owners to record the happiest life fragments in their lives, to arouse the perception of the public in experiencing their happiness in life, and actively share the happy moments with others.

"Every Day, New Life-Discover Happy Images" activity is one of the most important national brand activities of NWCL in 2011. Owners of NWCL and netizens nationwide have actively responded to and participated in this activity. Through the activity, NWCL put forward the concept of "discovering happiness", and systematically integrated building projects in different cities, urban culture, life quality of residents, public benefit activities and other tridimensional aspects. At the same time, with the influence of the "Every Day, New Life" happiness discovering video activity on the internet, NWCL hopes to call on friends across the country to participate in this activity and actively focus on building your own happy life.

This shooting is scheduled to be completed by the end of November of 2011, and is expected to be on show in mid December. The 50-minute film will be broadcasted to nationwide audiences through channels like the project's official website, Sohu Video, etc. Representatives of Huayi Bros. said that as the film interprets the happy life of owners and VIPs of NWCL, it will also show the cultural and historical characteristics of the eight cities at the same time, presenting ordinary people's discovery and understanding of happiness from different perspectives.