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28 Aug

Organic Life Fair Encourages Youngsters Commence Organic Living

Global warming has become an increasingly severe problem. In view of this, "Youth Square", a project under Home Affairs Bureau, is organizing a series of "Organic Life Fair" events from 25 August to 30 August 2009. The key event, Film Show - "HOME" and Organic Talk by Dr Simon Chau and Mr Lowell Lo are held today, with an aim to enable the participating youngsters to understand more about the concept of organic living and its sustainable development. 

The event begins with a talk by Dr Simon Chau, a renowned green specialist, on "Act now to save our planet". He hopes that through the talk, youngsters can understand their responsibility in protecting the Earth, "Hong Kong started to implement environmental protection measures since more than a decade ago. However, pollution is still serious. Urbanization has improved our living standard, but is killing the Earth. We, including the youngsters, must start changing our existing living style to a green and organic one, which concur with the Nature, and learn to love our natural environment, so that we can live together happily in this beautiful world." 

The talk is followed by the Film Show - "HOME" (International edition, first time free-showing in Hong Kong), and the sharing session by Mr Lowell Lo. He is moved by the beautiful natural scenes in the movie, "The movie leads us to different corners of the Earth and explore their extraordinarily admiring natural scenes. People can't believe that these are parts of the Earth! I hope that the audience will make up their mind to protect the remaining resources of the Earth, and help improve the ecological environment, so as to prevent the extinction of these beautiful scenes. Let's work hard to restore a beautiful Earth!" 

Besides the Film Show and Organic Talk held today, the "Organic Life Fair" series also include other activities which welcome the participation of the youngsters and general public: 

"Road to Earth" Exhibition 
Date: 25 August to 30 August, 2009 
Time: 11:00am - 6:00pm 
Venue: Y-Platform, Youth Square, 238 Chai Wan Road, Chai Wan, Hong Kong (Chai Wan MTR Exit A) 
Content: Exhibition from Polar Museum Foundation, Produce Green Foundation, Green Sense and Green Council 
Admission: Free public admission 

Film Show (2nd show) and Interactive Workshops 
Date: 29 August 2009 (Saturday) 
Time: 2:30pm - 5:30pm 
Venue: Y-Studio & Y2 Loft, Youth Square, 238 Chai Wan Road, Chai Wan, Hong Kong (Chai Wan MTR Exit A) 
Admission: Free admission. Visit for online registration and priority admission 
Content: Film Show - "HOME" (International edition)/ Scarecrow Making Workshop/ Soap Making Workshop/ Skin Care DIY/ Lip Balm DIY / "Living Food" Demonstration - by Miss Man Kei Chea, the first "Living Food" Chef in Hong Kong 
Enquiry: 3721 8861