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14 Sep

NWT and HP offer FREE Push Mail Service to SOHOs and SMEs

New World Telecommunications Limited ("NWT") and Hewlett-Packard HK SAR Ltd ("HP") announced their joint force to bring the true one-stop-shop managed e-mail solution !V "NWT Hosted Exchange" to Hong Kong's 300,000 strong SOHOs and SMEs, with 3-month FREE push mail service. A comprehensive and reliable managed e-mail solution with ultimate mobility, scalability and security is no longer a privilege to enterprises only. 

"NWT Hosted Exchange" allows both owners and employees of smaller-scaled companies to enjoy the full functionality of Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and push mail service, as well as the world-class security and backup protection, at affordable monthly fees. They can keep close contacts with customers, business partners and friends anytime, anywhere at their fingertips via the state-of-the-art HP PDA phones including iPAQ rw6828 and hw6965 Mobile Messenger. 

"The growing broadband penetration and the increasing popularity of Internet applications like online bidding and e-Commerce have created business opportunities for SOHOs and SMEs. Additionally, a recent research shows that 40% of working hours of the workforce was spent away from its office area in 2005. And 66% of the workforce will become mobile workforce by the end of 2006, estimated by another analysis. The estimated productivity gain could be as high as HK$15 billion," said Mr Samuel Poon, Director of Technology and Development of NWT. 

Mr Poon added, "Mobility and flexibility are vital to the success of SOHOs and SMEs. We envision that 'NWT Hosted Exchange' and its push mail service can help SOHOs and SMEs further mobilize their businesses and benefit from greater business productivity and responsiveness whilst on the move. We are delighted to share the same vision with HP, the major supplier of handheld devices including sophisticated PDA phones, to extend the managed e-mail solution and its mobile functionality to smaller-scaled companies at an irresistible monthly fee." 

"Currently, many companies are providing e-mail solutions in the market. However, only HP and NWT offer the true push mail technology in a secure environment which saves cost and increases efficiency for budget-conscious customers," said Ms Eva Hui, Marketing Manager of Personal Systems Group of HP. 

"With the powerful HP iPAQ Mobile Messenger, busy SOHOs and SMEs no longer need to sacrifice connectivity when being away from their desks," said Ms Hui. "With the handheld devices' wireless e-mail, voice and fast data access, our customers can get more done and be more mobile with fewer devices." 

About "NWT Hosted Exchange" 

"NWT Hosted Exchange" is the true one-stop-shop managed e-mail solution, with ultimate mobility, scalability and security and stability for SOHOs, SMEs, enterprises and the mobile workforce. The new service package of "NWT Hosted Exchange" comprises: 

- Hosting e-mail service riding on Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 
- Push mail service with 3-month FREE trial 
- HP PDA phone 

Compared to operating their own e-mail solutions, customers with 2 to 20 mailboxes save up to HK$100,000 in 3 years. In addition, "NWT Hosted Exchange" provides: 

- A rich e-mail messaging and collaboration solution powered by Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 
- Complete Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 functionality, with calendaring, scheduling and task organizing 
- Push mail service allowing real time synchronization of Inbox, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks inside Outlook between desktop PCs and handheld devices on the move 
- Flexible access via any Web browser from any PC with an Internet connection through Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access 
- Full range of security, anti-virus, anti-spam protection and worry-free backup under dedicated, expert technical support on 7x24 basis 
- Free software upgrades once new versions become available 

For enquiries about "NWT Hosted Exchange", please call NWT's service hotline at 2133 7832 or visit: