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8 Sep

NWSH Green Kindergarten Network creates a resource platform for pre-school environmental education

NWSH Green Kindergarten Network, jointly organized by Green Power and NWS Holdings Limited, launches its website on 1 September 2006 as an environmental education resource platform for kindergartens in Hong Kong. Besides, a TV commercial is being broadcast on bus TVs when the new school term starts to publicize the importance of pre-school environmental education.

NWSH Green Kindergarten Network's website is specially designed for pre-school environmental education. Apart from introducing the programme and its activities, there is a Resource section that includes information on teaching kits, practical teaching tips and useful links for kindergarten teachers. Latest list of school members is also available.

The website is expected to attract more kindergartens to join as members for free. A 30-second TV commercial has been produced for NWSH Green Kindergarten Network to promote the importance of pre-school environmental education to the public. The TV commercial was broadcast on Cable TV and is now being seen on buses of New World First Bus, Citybus of NWS Holdings and other bus companies. It can also be viewed on the NWSH Green Kindergarten Network website.

Besides, the "Waste Reduction" 3-D picture book and Teachers' Use CD-Rom are published in September 2006 which are distributed to kindergarten members for free. Teachers may use the giant educational book (A3 size) to introduce waste problems and waste reduction methods to children. The book is presented as a narrative with 3-D features to make it fun and interactive.

NWSH Green Kindergarten Network was established in April 2005. It aims at nurturing environmental awareness among young children by providing free teaching materials, teachers training and field trips to facilitate environmental education in kindergartens. So far 445 kindergartens, around 40% of all in Hong Kong, have joined as members of NWSH Green Kindergarten Network.