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1 Nov

NWS Holdings website garners Excellence Award in Web Care Award

NWS Holdings Limited ("NWSH"; Hong Kong stock code:0659) website ( has achieved the Excellence Award at the Web Care Award 2006. This is the third consecutive year NWSH honored in the Web Care Award.

This year, Web Care Award put forth new awards, namely the Excellence Award, in which only 18 out of some 200 awarded websites passed the requirement tests and awarded the Excellence Award. Mr C F Kwan, General Manager - Corporate Communication of NWS Holdings, said, "The award recognizes the NWSH's effort in corporate social responsibility. As a responsible company, our website design emphasizes accessibility by everyone, including the under-privileged group. We will continue to raise the standard of the website design, function and content, to keep the users informed NWSH's latest information and update through it."

NWSH recognizes the website as an important means to maintain corporate transparency and disseminates important information including press releases, announcements and other updates in a timely manner via the website. Revamped in mid-2005, the website provides more useful information of NWSH with a clear and simple layout. The English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese text version websites were launched in early 2006, with the aims to provide the communities of visually impaired and the needy a barrier-free website.

Initiated by the Internet Professional Association, the Web Care Award is established to encourage both public and private sections in building no-barrier web sites. It provides the under-privileged with equal opportunities in sharing the benefits brought about by the development of Internet in Hong Kong. The corporate website of Urban Property Management Limited garnered the Gold Award in the Web Care Award. The website of CiF Solutions Limited and 55 property website under the i-UrbanTM Portal also obtained Silver Awards.