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26 Nov

NWS Holdings garnered investor relations award in Asia Pacific PR Awards

NWS Holdings Limited ("NWSH"; Hong Kong stock code: 0659) has just garnered Corporate & Public Category - Financial Award in the Asia Pacific PR Awards 2006. The award recognizes NWSH's outstanding investor relations strategies. This is the third consecutive year NWSH honoured in the Asia Pacific PR Awards.

After winning the Award of Public Affairs in 2004 and Runner-up for Private Sector Department of the Year in 2005, NWSH won an investor relations award this year. Through proactive and effective strategies, NWSH has successfully raised awareness among the investors. The strategies include streamlining its businesses into two main divisions, Infrastructure and Service & Rental, which has made investors better understand NWSH's focus. Also, NWSH has established an Investor Relations team made up of directors and senior management, to explain its investment and corporate development strategies to local and overseas institutional investors. During FY2006, the team undertook 262 meetings with local and overseas analysts and fund managers and conducted 15 road-shows abroad. NWSH also proactively announces information on project operation and new investment project details through website, press releases and announcements.

To broaden its shareholder base, NWSH understands the importance of communication with retail investors. To reach the target group, it sponsored TV and radio programmes in its Brand Awareness Campaign in early 2006. It also organized two investment seminars for public. Hosted by renowned investment analysts, the seminars were very well received. These strategies successfully won widespread recognition from investors, media and the public. Success is evident in the remarkable surge in share price. NWSH has also extended its research coverage significantly. Leading institutions such as Nomura International, CLSA, Merrill Lynch, DBS Vickers and CIMB-GK Securities issued reports on NWS Holdings, in addition to BNP Paribas Peregrine having covered NWSH for years.

Mr Patrick Lam, Executive Director of NWS Holdings, said, "We are honoured to receive this award. NWSH believes effective two-way communication with investors not only inspires confidence towards NWSH, but also demonstrates our commitment in promoting good corporate governance. We will continue our interactive communication approach with investors and analysts, to maintain high standard investor relations."

Organized by Media Magazine, Asia's number one media, advertising and marketing publication, the annual Asia Pacific PR Awards recognizes best practice of the public relations industry in the Asia Pacific Region. This year, there were 330 entries from Australia, Singapore, Thailand and China. The panel of judges comprises leading in-house and consultancy talent, media experts and communication specialists in Asia Pacific.