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30 Jan

NWS Holdings expands into commercial aircraft leasing by acquiring 40% interest in Goshawk Aviation Limited

NWS Holdings Limited (“NWS Holdings” or the “Group”; Hong Kong stock code: 659), through its indirect wholly-owned subsidiary Natal Global Limited, has entered into an agreement to acquire 40% shares and outstanding notes in Goshawk Aviation Limited (“Goshawk”) from Chow Tai Fook Enterprises Limited (“CTFE”). The total cash consideration is approximately US$222.5 million, or equivalent to approximately HK$1,724.4 million. Goshawk is principally engaged in commercial aircraft leasing with a portfolio of 27 aircraft. Upon completion of the acquisition, NWS Holdings and CTFE will respectively own 40% equity interest in Goshawk.

Brian Cheng, Executive Director of NWS Holdings, said, “The investment in Goshawk is well positioned to benefit from the growth of aircraft leasing business that has been fuelled by increasing air traffic demand and globalization. The aircraft leasing business generates strong recurring cash flow and income, similar to the Group’s other infrastructure and services investments. In addition, the acquisition will further enhance our exposure and fortify our knowledge in the aviation industry following our recent investment in Beijing Capital International Airport (“BCIA”).”  

“We have ambitious plans to grow Goshawk into a prominent aircraft leasing company, and our management expertise will help build Goshawk and our aviation business into an important contributor to the Group’s earnings,” he added. NWS Holdings acquired a stake in BCIA in December 2013 and became its second largest shareholder after Capital Airports Holding Company. Same as BCIA, the aircraft leasing business will be reported under the Group’s Ports & Logistics Segment within the Infrastructure Division.