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14 Feb

NWS Holdings celebrated Chinese New Year with psychiatric rehabilitants on NWS Caring Day 2011

NWS Holdings Limited ("NWS Holdings"; Hong Kong stock code: 659) designated 12 February 2011 as NWS Caring Day 2011 to celebrate the eighth anniversary of its First Trading Day. More than 130 staff members from the Group's Corporate Office and seven member companies visited the psychiatric rehabilitants at the Caritas Jockey Club Lai King Rehabilitation Centre (the "Centre"), sending them warm clothes and handmade paper cranes in celebration of the Chinese New Year.

Paper cranes represent benediction. During the celebration ceremony, Executive Directors of NWS Holdings, Tsang Yam Pui, Patrick Lam, Tommy Cheung and William Doo Jr, hung paper cranes onto a specially designed wishing tree, wishing for prosperity and robust growth of the Group's businesses, as well as good health of all psychiatric rehabilitants at the Centre and all staff members of the Group.

Tsang Yam Pui, Executive Director and Chairman of Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR") Committee of NWS Holdings, expressed that the Group would continue the practice of organizing "NWS Caring Day" despite the disposal of certain subsidiary companies last year. He stressed the importance of being responsive to social needs and called for joint efforts from Corporate Office and member companies in the implementation of CSR initiatives.

Prior to the visit, staff members across the Group had folded over 2,000 paper cranes using recycled materials to bless the beneficiaries and for the decoration of the Centre. In addition, the Group had also presented over 600 warm clothes to the psychiatric rehabilitants and arranged activities including the making of paper cranes, bakery, handcraft workshops and planting to spend a joyful morning with all beneficiaries. Bearing in mind the importance of environmental protection, NWS Holdings had purchased carbon credits for the event to offset carbon emission, achieving the goal of carbon neutrality.

NWS Holdings has held NWS Caring Day for six consecutive years to celebrate the Group's First Trading Day anniversary through community services instead of a cocktail party, spreading caring message to the minority groups in the community.