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18 Oct

NWDS's Rebranding Marketing Campaign won the "Citation for Excellence in Mainland Marketing" Award in the HKMA/TVB Award for Marketing Excellence 2011

New World Department Store China Limited ("NWDS") is pleased to announce that NWDS has been awarded "Citation for Excellence in Mainland Marketing" in the HKMA/TVB Award for Marketing Excellence 2011 for its Rebranding Marketing Campaign.

Now in its 26th year, the HKMA/TVB Awards for Marketing Excellence bestow honour and public recognition on individuals and organizations that have, through outstanding marketing, public relations, advertising and China marketing programmes as well as raised the standards of the marketing profession. Considered the "Oscar" of the marketing industry, the HKMA /TVB Award is highly recognized in this field. Major judging criteria of the award include rationale behind the marketing campaign, marketing execution, originality, results, exceptional meritorious aspects of campaign. The prize winners were elected according to the above judging criteria by the Panel of Judges and the Board of Examiners, comprising the Marketing Awards Organizing Committee which is formed by senior marketing management professionals from different industry sectors as well as members of the Marketing Management Committee of the Association.

Realizing that consumers nowadays are looking for continuous shopping excitement, unique character and lifestyle, NWDS took the initiative to rebrand its image with new operation concept of "Fashion Style" & "Living Style" and used "Enriching Lives . Enhancing Character" as its slogan since September 2009, striving to consolidate its pioneer position in the market and bring customers with a refreshing shopping experience. Instead of positioning stores by class, brand new NWDS took the lead to adopt new concept of "Fashion Style" & "Living Style" as operation mode by categorizing the stores into two types: "Fashion Gallery" and "Living Gallery", satisfying customers' pursuits for the fashionable and high-quality living, as well as providing services precisely.

"Fashion Gallery" is a "Thematic Department Store" selling fashionable clothes and accessories with the theme of "Trendy" and "Characters". It emphasizes "Mix & Match" by importing exclusive brands and merchandises, committing to becoming the "Trendy" landmark in the cities. "Living Gallery" is a "One-stop Shopping Department Store" mixed with the elements of department store and shopping mall which targets people of all ages and both genders, catering for their needs in terms of "Clothing", "Dining", "Living", "Travelling" and "Entertainment". 20%-30% of the store area of "Living Gallery" is reserved for providing complementary services, like dining, fitness centre, spa centre, bank, entertainment, other services, etc., being an ideal place for family shopping, gathering and holiday activities.

The Rebranding campaign has been implementing by three stages. Firstly, revamping the merchandize mix. "Fashion Gallery" established its "Category Killer" according to its theme while "Living Gallery" focused on interactive and composite mode of operation, together with the multi-function Event Hall. Secondly, refining graphic design and decoration of the store. Thirdly, upgrading VIP membership and customer services. Since the launch of rebranding program, NWDS has been progressively revamping the VIP & customer service, merchandise mix, in-store graphics and design, interior decoration and shopping ambience, endeavoring to offer customers with "taste" and "personalized" goods, services and shopping experience. On the other hand, the Rebranding campaign has been developing by phases in different cities and regions, at present, 16 stores are operated with brand new image and the whole rebranding program is expected to complete by 2012.

Mr Philip Cheung, Managing Director and Executive Director of NWDS said, "We are very pleased to win "Citation for Excellence in Mainland Marketing" award in the HKMA/TVB Award for Marketing Excellence, which reflects our Rebranding campaign is recognized by the marketing industry. NWDS has been working on innovation and leading the trend of department store. We believe that rebranding plan will act as a role model for our counterparts, and can enhance the number of transactions, traffic flow and customer loyalty. In future, we will continue our innovative operation mode, strengthen our position as the leading operator in China department store, and provide consumers with considerate commodities and services, endeavoring to build a new brand and retail roadmap.