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31 Mar

NWDS' Stores and Offices Nationwide Jointly Participate in the Earth Hour for the Fifth Consecutive Year

New World Department Store China Limited (“NWDS” or the “Company”; Stock Code: 825.HK), one of the largest owners and operators of department stores in the PRC, has always been committed to environmental protection. Between 8:30pm and 9:30pm on 29 March 2014, NWDS’ 42 stores across China and its Hong Kong office have jointly participated in the Earth Hour, a global lights-off action organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature, for the fifth consecutive year to promote energy-saving and low-carbon lifestyle among customers and the public by switching off their neon lights, billboard lights, signage lighting and any non-essential lights for an hour.

This year, the participating stores were situated in 21 cities across the country, including Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chengdu. Before the event, stores mobilized the public to support this meaningful green action through in-store posters, Weibo and WeChat. Hong Kong office also participated in the action by turning off all electrical appliances in the office on the day prior to the event to prevent electricity consumption in their standby setting.

NWDS has made great efforts in carbon reduction. Early this year, the Company organized an environmental campaign called Clear Weather, Refreshing Stores which involved setting up a nature experiential area in the stores, displaying potted plants and building plant walls, utilizing plants’ carbon absorption nature to deliver a low-carbon shopping environment. In addition, Hong Kong office started to carry out carbon audit last year and made a series of targeted energy-saving measures, such as using copiers with energy labels, encouraging employees to switch off lights and computer screens during lunch time in order to create a green office.

Rebecca Woo, Corporate Affairs Director and Chairman of Sustainable Steering Committee of NWDS, said “The Company has identified environmental protection as one of the most important agenda in sustainable development. We have organized a variety of energy saving and waste reduction activities to spread the green belief to staff and customers and nurture their environmental habits. It was already the fifth year for the Company to take part in the Earth Hour and we recorded the highest number of participating stores this year. The spirit of the Earth Hour is beyond turning off the lights for an hour but to inspire us to make small changes in our lives, so as to practice a sustainable lifestyle collectively in the society. NWDS is going to initiate more environmental activities to build a sustainable green community.”