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30 Nov

NWDS launches "Let's Donate a Tree to Save the Earth" waste paper recycling activities to promote environmental protection and waste reduction

New World Department Store China Limited ("NWDS") announced to organize the third nationwide green activity, "Let's Donate a Tree to Save the Earth" waste paper recycling scheme this year. The waste paper collected will be recycled so as to improve customers' awareness of environmental protection, achieve the purpose of waste reduction as well as protection for the trees of the Earth.

From 1 December 2011 to 3 January 2012, customers who visit the stores of NWDS will be given a "Tree donation card", with donation of specific volume of waste paper can get one tree donation stamp. Customers who collected a specified number of stamps and shop in the stores with their "Tree donation card" will be offered different privileges. VIP and Platinum VIP card members of NWDS will be eligible for additional reward. The event not only promotes environmental awareness but also thanks the customer for their support of NWDS. The stores will transfer the waste paper collected from customers to recyclers for further handling, whilst the proceeds will be donated to charitable organizations afterwards.

The main purpose of the event is to promote paper recycling. As we all know, wood is the main raw material for the production of paper. The modern city also has "forest resources", that is waste paper recycling. Therefore, the event will showcase a "Scuppies* Paradise" promotion board in order to educate the public about forest conservation crisis and stress the advantages of paper recycling on forest conservation and economic synergy. Customers with specified number of stamps and purchasing receipt can join "Scuppies Paradise" puzzle game. By attaching different sizes of tree puzzles from the puzzle box onto the corresponding position of the forest promotion board, customers can show their support for adding a little green for the Earth's forests.

To match up the themed activity, stores of NWDS will launch a series of eco-friendly activities. Among them, Beijing Trendy Store will hold "The Beautiful Forest in My Heart" activity, customers who upload their photos to the store's Sina mini-blog and add Beijing Trendy Store as a friend will be eligible for special rewards; Shenyang Jianqiao Road Branch Store is planning to create a Christmas tree that is made of used newspaper to promote a green Christmas, as well as encourage customers to put greeting cards on the Christmas tree; A "Green DIY Contest" will be held by Kunming Store, participants can creatively use all sorts of waste paper, such as books, magazines, etc. to produce different types of art pieces or useful products with the top three winners to be voted and selected by customers.

Mr Philip Cheung, Managing Director and Executive Director of NWDS said, "With the public's increasingly concern about environmental issues, NWDS has put great efforts on making corresponsive coordination on its business operation. The stores have launched a variety of eco-friendly activities during the year that consolidated environmental protection into the marketing activities. "Let's Donate a Tree to Save the Earth" not only rewards our customers with green privileges, but deliberately combines charitable element in the activity, which is the same as the previous green event, "NWDS Green Mid-Autumn Festival - Moon Cake Box Recycling Campaign". At the same time, we comply with social responsibility of environmental protection and caring the community. In future, NWDS will continue to launch different kind of environmental protection initiatives, leading our customers and staff to be aware of environmental issues, treasure resources of the earth and make it as everybody's habit. "

*The phrase "Scuppies" is the short form of "Socially Conscious Upwardly-mobile Person". The new phrase represents people who love green and care about sustainable development of society.