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13 Oct

NWDS launches the brand new Crystal High Heels Club

Members are offered exclusive diversified club activities and welcome gift 

New World Department Store China Limited ("NWDS") announces that the brand new Crystal High Heels Club was launched in October 2011 to strengthen the perception of "Buying Shoes in New World Department Store" of its VIP members. Together with "Smart Lady Club", "Perfect House Wife Club" and "Platinum VIP Club", NWDS has four VIP clubs, further strengthening its VIP services.

After the establishment of Crystal High Heels Club, stores will constantly launch diversified shoes related activities, such as Crazy Shoes Shopping, Stylish Shoes Auction and Old Shoes Makeover etc, which will be held several times in a year. Furthermore, members can participate in various competitions organized by the stores periodically, for example, Trendy Shoes Design Contest, Fabulous Shoes Pro Competition and Super High Heels Challenge etc. Besides sending different kinds of sales promotion and special offers in stores to members, stores of NWDS will also distribute the latest news about new arrival shoes of the store quarterly. Therefore the members can always cling to trends of fashionable shoes and will not be missing any of latest products. Moreover, Stores will provide various exclusive privileges to members of Crystal High Heels Club, including special birthday discount on shoes items, shoes maintenance services, feet treatment, nail polish and feet health examination etc.

In order to create more surprises for the new members, NWDS especially designed a series of crystal shoe accessories as the welcome gift. In October to December 2011, customers who become member of Crystal High Heels Club and continuously buy shoes will be awarded a series of crystal shoe accessory with different design. Meanwhile, customers can redeem by making specific consumption. Customers who buy two pairs of shoes on the same day can add RMB10 to redeem the gift (Gold VIP, Platinum VIP and Diamond VIP can enjoy more privileges). During the promotion, Crystal High Heels Club will launch two designs of shoe accessories in distinct period, each design will have gold and silver color, as well as two versions for its Living Galleries (Red) and Fashion Galleries (Purple), totaling eight choices. For the upcoming Christmas in December, a special Christmas limited edition will be launched as to offer its customers a refresh shopping experience. Along with the development of the Crystal High Heels Club, NWDS plans to launch other new gift redemption campaigns in future.

Besides Crystal High Heels Club, NWDS has especially launched three VIP clubs to meet the needs of different customers and to tie in with the corporate rebranding. Targeting young females, "Smart Lady Club" offers joint programs with well-known cosmetic brands, such as makeup classroom and beauty salon as well as providing fashion shopping advices and Mix & Match seminars etc. Focusing on mothers, "Perfect House Wife Club" regularly holds parental activities like English class, baby crawling competition, seasonal travel talks, cooking and housekeeping courses, festival delicacies introduction and home decoration talks; "Platinum VIP Club" was set up for platinum VIP members and organizes privileged programs from time to time, like wine-tasting party, private guided shopping and 12% off discount etc.

Mr Philip Cheung, Managing Director and Executive Director of NWDS said, "Recognizing that people are more concern about choice of shoes and sophisticated shoes has been a crucial part for creating personalize looks, we therefore launched the Crystal High Heels Club. The club mainly focuses on attracting shoes lovers pursuing fashion and with high consumption power. NWDS has been placing high importance on the maintenance and development of VIP relationship, striving to upgrade VIP member services and facilities such as internet access service, massage chair, as well as gradually renovate the existing Customer Service Centres, VIP lounges and washrooms to provide a pleasant shopping environment for customers. In future, NWDS is committed to offering more customized activities and endearing services to VIPs with different backgrounds, strengthening the loyalty and senses of privilege of club members."