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21 Dec

NWD Presents Travel and Investment Guide to Mainland Visitors

Celebrating Christmas and New Year, New World Development Company Limited ("NWD" or "The Group"; Hong Kong stock code: 17) has just published a special "Hong Kong Travel and Investment Guide" for Mainland travellers. Packed with the most updated and exclusive travel and shopping tips, the compact and beautifully designed guide features seven chapters covering "architectural landmarks", "natural landscape", "cultural heritage", "dining", "shopping", "accommodation" and "transportation". Coupons are also included to delight visitors with the Group's offers in shopping, hospitality and transportation.

The guide also features an investment column in response to the increasing number of Mainland investors in Hong Kong. With useful tips on local property investment and business prospects, as well as information about the Group's latest developments, this informative guide enables readers to grab investment opportunities effortlessly.

New World Development Company Limited

New World Development Company Limited ("The Group"; Hong Kong stock code: 17) is a leading conglomerate based in Hong Kong. The Group was founded in 1970 and publicly listed in Hong Kong in 1972. It is a constituent stock of the Hang Seng Index with a total asset value of HK$229.1 billion.

In the last four decades, the Group has expanded from a single focus on the property business to four core areas: property, infrastructure, service and department store. As at 30 June 2011, the Group has an effective interest of approximately 59.8% in NWS Holdings Limited (Hong Kong stock code: 659), approximately 70.0% in New World China Land Limited (Hong Kong stock code: 917) and approximately 72.3% in New World Department Store China Limited (Hong Kong stock code: 825).