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10 Dec

NWCL First National Sports Day held in Guangzhou

New World China Land Limited first National Sports Day was successfully hosted in Guangzhou for two days from the 8th of December, the event is the first ever sports competition organized by a developer in mainland solely for its staffs. The sports event was officiated by the Group's Executive Director Mr Adrian Cheng Chi-Kong and 10 New World China Land regional chief executives, they were joined by nearly 700 athletes from staff of 20 district offices. 

As part of the New World China Land 8th listing anniversary event, the National Sports Day is set forth to display the corporate spirit and forge regional cooperation and team work. The sporting event will be hosted every two years among the cities where the Group has a presence. 

The Group's Executive Director Mr Adrian Cheng Chi-Kong remarked during the sports day: "New World China Land is the first developer ever to host such a national sports event and I believe it will expedite the collaboration and team building among staffs from different regions. I am especially pleased to see that all the teams have displayed high professional competency and sports spirit, which will eventually permeate throughout New World China Land to make it more strengthened and energetic." 

An adorable "Sheep" has been created as the mascot for the game which include over 30 sports competition including track and field, swimming, tennis, badminton etc. By the end of the two days event, Guangzhou/Guiyang/Foshan team came out on top as the group champion with a 20 gold medals. Huiyang/Shunde/Shenzhen team came away in second place with seven gold medals while Beijing/Jinan came in third place with three gold medals. 

A simple closing ceremony was held in the afternoon of 9 December in which most of the medals were being awarded to the athletes. Representative of the current organizing committee Guangzhou district handed over the game flag to the next organizing district of Beijing.