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27 Jul

New World Harbour Race Receives Record-High Applications Time Trial Starts for Thousands of Swimmers

  • Almost 3,400 applications have been received
  • Four days of time trials to be held at Tung Chung Swimming Pool
  • 882 applicants will compete for 500 places in the racing group
  • Eligible swimmers from 2,531 applicants in the leisure group will enter drawing for 1,500 places


A total of 3,400 swimmers have applied to take part in New World Harbour Race 2013, title-sponsored by New World Development Company Limited (New World Group) and organised by the Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association (HKASA). The overwhelming response, as seen in the record high number of applications received, testifies to the continuing popularity of the race. This year's time trials are divided into four sessions, to be held on 27, 28, and 30 July 2013 and 1 August 2013 at Tung Chung Swimming Pool.

This year's New World Harbour Race has attracted 700 more applications than last year's race. All applicants without HKASA-accredited race records must take part in a time trial which requires them to swim 1,500 m within 45 minutes. A total of 1,900 participants will participate in this year's time trial. For the racing group, 882 applications were received; the top 100 swimmers in each of the five categories in this group will be eligible to join the Race. For the leisure group, 1,500 eligible finalists will be drawn from the 2,531 applicants of the group. The leisure group drawing will be held at the beginning of September and the final entrant list will be released on 11 September 2013.

"We are delighted that New World Harbour Race 2013 has received such strong support, with an unexpectedly large number of people signing up for this year's event," said Mr David Chiu, Assistant Honorary Secretary of the Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association. "New World Harbour Race continues a great tradition of giving thousands of swimmers the chance to swim across Victoria Harbour. We hope the Race will continue to grow in the future, and ultimately become a major international sporting event."

"The Group is committed to promoting sports development in Hong Kong," said Ms Maria Cheung, General Manager of Corporate Communication of New World Development Company Limited. "To raise awareness of healthy living among our staff, we encouraged them to taking part in New World Harbour Race 2013. In response, we received over 60 entries from staff this year and 22 of them will take part in the time trials.

We are pleased to see that some of our staff members are participating for the third time." One of the youngest swimmers, aged only 12, is a student of New World Swimming Academy, a programme under New World Springboard, New World Group's sustainable community programme; he will rise to the challenge of compete in the racing group.

Some of the world's best swimmers will be joining New World Harbour Race 2013 on 6 October 2013 which demonstrates that this iconic local event is gaining attention worldwide. For more information, please visit

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