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25 Jul

New World Group Wins a Host of Awards Promoting The Artisanal Movement

Led by a new generation of management talent, the New World Group won a number of awards in different areas of business last year. The new brand image - The Artisanal Movement, steered by Mr. Adrian Cheng, Executive Vice-chairman and Joint General Manager of the Group, has inspired staff to move beyond boundaries of thought and keep finding new creative impulses to ensure the delivery of a unique experience to guests.  Imbued with this new mindset, the staff has successfully applied the core values of The Artisanal Movement across different business sectors. All their efforts have resulted in the Group winning various international awards and garnering widespread public recognition, leading to the creation of The Artisanal New World.

Human Resources

New World Development honoured as one of the ‘Best Companies to Workfor’ in Asia 2016

From staff recruitment and management to employee development and personal care, the Group’s  Human Resources team has always performed with true excellence, winning widespread recognition  and top awards, including:

-HR Summit & Expo 2016

Top ten of The Best Places to Work in HK Awards – Construction / Real Estate

The Best of the Best Award in The Best Places to Work in HK Awards – Construction / Real Estate

-2015 Customer Relationship Excellence Awards

Corporate Employer of the Year-Property Development

Employee Engagement Programme of the Year-Property Development

-《HR Asia》

  The HR Asia Best Companies to Work For In Asia 2016

-《Human Resources》Asia Recruitment Awards 2016

  Best Recruitment Advertising Strategy-Silver

  Best Use of Digital Media-Silver

  Best Recruitment Innovation by an In-house HR Team-Silver

  Best Employer Brand Development-Bronze

  Best Diversity & Inclusion Strategy-Bronze

Investor Relations

The brilliant performance of the Groups’ Investor Relations team has always been appreciated by a wide cross-section of the industry’s different stakeholders, highlighted by winning an array of international, Asian and local awards. The annual report design, which featured the spirit of The Artisanal Movement, was acknowledged with the following awards:

- Corporate Governance Asia

 Best Investor Relations Company

 Best Investor Relations Professional

- Quamnet

 Outstanding Investor Relations Awards

- Hong Kong Investor Relations Association

 Certificate of Excellence in HKIRA 2nd Investor Relations Awards

- Astrid Awards-2015 Annual Report

 Cover Design-Grand Award

 Covers (Graphics & Text)-Gold

 Covers (Special Treatment)-Gold

 Covers (Other/Misc. Artistic)-Gold

 Covers (Property Development)-Silver

 Covers (Artistic)-Bronze

- Mercury Awards-2015 Annual Report

 Cover Design: Abstract/Graphics-Gold

 Overall Presentation: Real Estate Developer-Gold

 Overall Presentation: Housing Development and Sales-Gold

 Overall Presentation: Property Development-Silver

 Overall Presentation: Multi-Industry-Silver

 Overall Presentation: Diverse Business-Honours

Corporate Communication

As the title sponsor of New World Harbour Race for six consecutive years, the Group invited elite individuals from all walks of life to take extraordinary underwater photos in order to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the event. This campaign not only aroused public interest but also won the Group a number of key awards, including:


 Corporate: Stakeholder Communications-Grand Award

 Corporations: Stakeholder Communications-Gold

 Broadcast/Cable/Online: Brand Image Campaign-Silver

Mercury Awards

 Video-Grand Award

 Video - DVD/Online: Special Project-Gold

 Special Events: Anniversary-Honours

-China International Public Relations Association

 Culture and Sports-Honours


Brimming with the unique characteristics of “The Artisanal Movement”, the Group’s property projects are designed and built to provide an exceptional living environment and facilities for its resident  To achieve a high quality and tasteful style of life, each residential project                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                is established under a special theme. This results in widespread acclaim  and prestigious awards including:

- Quality Building Award

 Hong Kong Residential (Single Building)-Merit

 Eight Kwai Fong

 Hong Kong Residential (Multiple Buildings)-Merit

 Park Signature & The Green Atrium/ The Austin

-Leisure and Cultural Services Department

 2016 Best Landscape Award for Private Property Development

 Properties Below Six Years of Age-Merit

 Eight Kwai Fong / The Woodsville

- Hong Kong Professional Building Inspection Academy (HKPBIA)

 Eco Building of the year-Park Signature

 Quality Building-The Woodside

- BCI Asia

 Top 10 Developers

About The Artisanal Movement

The Artisanal Movement is a journey expanding one’s imagination, not only limited to design and aesthetics, but also amassing a modern living culture through our persistence in delivering bespoke craftsmanship manifested by originality. Under the stewardship of Dr. Adrian Cheng, Executive Vice-chairman and Joint General Manager of New World Development, The Artisanal Movement offers a unique and distinctive brand image for the Group. Backed by a strong belief in “WE CREATE, WE ARE ARTISANS”, we believe that every individual is an artisan that seeks to go beyond conventional boundaries and develop new ideas that ensure a bespoke, one-of-a-kind customer experience.  In line with the motto of “COLLECT, CONNECT, COLLIDE”, Adrian and his team continue to seek and collect the most exquisite art collection pieces, ensuring that every item is imbued with a rich heritage and cultural inheritance.

New World Development Company Limited

Founded in 1970, New World Development Company Limited (“New World Group”, Hong Kong stock code: 00017) was publicly listed in Hong Kong in 1972 and is a constituent stock of the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index. A premium brand infused with a unique personality, New World Group’s core business areas include property development, infrastructure and service, department stores and hotels. As at 31 December 2015, the total asset value of the Group amounted to HK$409.7 billion.

As at 31 December 2015, the Group has an effective interest of approximately 61% in NWS Holdings Limited (Hong Kong stock code: 00659), approximately 70% in New World China Land Limited (Hong Kong stock code: 00917) and approximately 72% in New World Department Store China Limited (Hong Kong stock code: 00825).