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13 Sep

New World Group sets up "New World Mathematics Award" for Chinese students in the world

Since the launch of "New World Young Leaders" early this year, New World Development Company Limited ("NWD", "New World Group" or "The Group", Hong Kong Stock Code: 0017) has been actively supporting youth development in different aspects. To encourage academic breakthrough of young university students, New World Group fully supports the establishment of the "New World Mathematics Award" ("the Award").

The "New World Mathematics Award" is organized by The International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians ("ICCM"), co-organized by Zhejiang University and supported by New World Development Company Limited. The Award aims at encouraging outstanding mathematics students, including undergraduate, master and PhD students, of Chinese descendant in their pursuit of mathematical truth.

Professor Yau Shing-Tung, the world's renowned mathematician and the Chairman of ICCM said, 'Our Selection Committee comprises of distinguished mathematicians from around the world, which guarantees that the selection for the "New World Mathematics Award" is of international standard. I am sure it will become one of the most influential academic awards in the world. I'd like to express my gratitude to New World Group for their generous support to the Award.'

Dr Cheng Kar-Shun, Henry, Managing Director of New World Group, is proud of the Group's participation in such international academic Award and said, 'During the celebration for the 10th anniversary of HKSAR, Chairman Hu Jintao has encouraged young people to equip themselves for the future belongs to them. This is the same as what we think. As such, New World Group has launched the project of "New World Young Leaders" at the beginning of the second decade of HKSAR, nurturing future leaders for the country.'

Moreover, Dr Henry Cheng finds that Chinese people are good at Mathematics, while there are not many outstanding Chinese Mathematicians in the world. As such, through the support to the "New World Mathematics Award", the Group aims at nurturing more leading Chinese mathematician like Professor Yau.

The "New World Math Award" will be awarded every three years in ICCM. It consists of three awards, including:
1) PhD Thesis Award: with two gold prizes (70,000 RMB each) and four silver prizes (30,000 RMB each);
2) Master Thesis Award: with one gold prize (30,000 RMB) and two silver prizes (10,000 RMB each); and
3) Undergraduate Maths Paper Award: with five gold prizes (10,000 RMB each) and ten silver prizes (3,000 RMB each).
There are also 50 honorable mentions and each recipient will be awarded 500 RMB.

The "New World Math Award" is now open for application. The topics of the thesis can be Pure or Applied Mathematics, Probability and Statistics, Biomathematics, etc. The submission deadline is 30 October 2007 while the award-presentation ceremony will be held in Hangzhou, China on 17 December 2007.