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14 May

New World Group to Recruit 100 University Student Interns to Experience the “Creating Shared Value” Concept and Promote Social Innovation

This year will see high demand for internship opportunities in Hong Kong, as university students are eager to get hands-on experience and credits required for their studies after the pandemic. In view of this, New World Group (the Group) is launching the “New World Group 100 Virtual Internship Programme” to introduce a greater number of internship places than ever. The programme, which will recruit 100 interns, offers learning opportunities for tertiary students from across disciplines. The programme has two key features – a first of its kind “virtual” internship format, and a “Creating Shared Value (CSV)” experience for participants. During the internship, which will last about two months, the interns will gain wide learning experience and a solid understanding of how businesses and their stakeholders can work together for mutual benefit and for the benefit for the community. Interested tertiary students can apply for the programme from today until 7 June.

One highlight of the programme is the opportunity for the interns to take part in various CSV projects and learn how business enterprises create value for society with different stakeholders through social innovation and other areas. For example, the interns will have the opportunity to learn about New World Development’s community-oriented mask production project and mask distribution to low-income families through different non-governmental organisations.  

The interns will also engage in activities to promote and preserve arts and culture, see some of the ways in which New World Group nurtures a creative young generation, and visit social housing projects, among others. Through these diverse experiences, the internship programme deepens the interns’ understanding of the CSV vision of the Group to provide solutions to pressing social problems, create economic value, and promote sustainable social development.

Another important feature of the internship programme is that it will be conducted mainly virtually, so the interns will submit their work and report to their supervisors via online platforms and teleconferencing most of the time. This will allow them to work anytime, anywhere, thus providing greater flexibility. To enrich their work experience and network, the Group will also arrange both online and offline training, as well as a variety of in-person activities, such as exchanges, visits and sharing by executives to allow the interns to meet different stakeholders.

Unlike many other companies, which base their selection of university interns mainly on academic performance, the Group places greater emphasis on the applicants’ attributes and potential, such as an entrepreneurial spirit, a forward-looking mindset, innovative thinking, leadership qualities and communication skills. Those who demonstrate outstanding performance during the internship programme may be hired by the Group upon graduation after passing a subsequent objective assessment.

The internship programme is accepting applications from now until 7 June. After the assessments and interviews in June, the programme will officially begin in mid-July and run until the end of August. The successful candidates will have the opportunity to intern at New World Group, including NWS Holdings and its subsidiaries. Application details are as follows: 

Quota: 100 students
Eligibility: Higher education institution students from any year or discipline
Application period: From now until 7 June 2020
Internship period: Mid-July to end-August (approximately two months)
Application method: Go to the programme website (, complete the application form, and upload a self-made video (maximum 3 minutes) on the theme “Craft Your CSV Journey”