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17 May

New World Group Launches New Corporate Core Values UNITI

New World Development Company Limited ("New World Group", "The Group"; Stock Code: 17.HK) has marked a new era with active revamp getting underway in the company. In addition to further uplifting its property and service quality, it set a clear goal to enhance its corporate culture and launched a brand new core value - "UNITI". New World Development Company Limited Executive Director and Joint General Manager Adrian Cheng led a ceremony recently to announce the new corporate values and encourage staff members to embrace innovative culture and to seek constant improvement.

Adrian Cheng said: "Since last year, New World Group has undergone massive revamp and is determined to become a leading real estate developer in Hong Kong and stay in the forefront of the industry. To achieve this goal, we see the importance of enhancing our corporate culture and launching new corporate values - UNITI. Let us keep the new values alive by manifesting the essences in every aspect of our business operations. I hope every staff member can embrace the same goals and build a new world together, for our shareholders, clients, the community as well as other stakeholders."

He further elaborated the concept of UNITI, saying: "UNITI represents You (U), New World (N), Innovation (I), Trust (T) and Improvement (I), which are the core values behind the Group's success. The new values reflect our belief in "Building a New World with Innovation and Improvement" and "UNITI" is also read as "unity" amongst the members of the New World Family. I wish our employees and other stakeholders can join hands to take the spirit of innovation to next levels."

The Group held a "UNITI Workshop" recently in which over a hundred staff members participated. A variety of creative classes were organised in the workshop, where the staff can acquire multimedia skills to design promotional materials for publicising the concept of UNITI. The opening ceremony of the Workshop was led by Adrian Cheng together with over 30 staff members from different Group Companies.

To let our staff fully understand the new core values, the Group set up an array of booths in the Workshop where artists and professionals excelled in photography, music, painting and design taught our staff members skills to create UNITI products and stimulate their creative minds. For instance, the performing arts booth taught the skills of video shooting and production; the music booth demonstrated "A cappella" and iPad music performances; the arts booth illustrated skills of oil paintings and logo and poster design. Its staff members can tap into the wealth of knowledge of the tutors in the Workshop to hone their skills for designing new products derived from the concept of "UNITI".

New World Development Company Limited

New World Development Company Limited ("The Group"; Stock Code: 17.HK) is a leading conglomerate based in Hong Kong. The Group was founded in 1970 and publicly listed in Hong Kong in 1972. It is a constituent stock of the Hang Seng Index with a total asset value of HK$270.2 billion as at 31 December 2011.

For more than four decades, the Group has expanded from a single focus on the property business to four core areas: property, infrastructure, service and department store. As at 31 December 2011, the Group has an effective interest of approximately 60.4% in NWS Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 659.HK), approximately 69.8% in New World China Land Limited (Stock Code: 917.HK) and approximately 72.3% in New World Department Store China Limited (Stock Code: 825.HK).