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5 Sep

New World Group FY2009 annual reports win 2010 International ARC Awards

New World Group ("the Group") takes annual reports as an important and effective communication channel with the investors and shareholders, and therefore has put a great effort in designing and producing the annual reports. Following the success in winning Mercury Awards and Astrid Awards organized by Mercomm, the FY2009 annual reports of the Group have received various awards in the 2010 International ARC Awards, the widely recognized "Academy Awards of Annual Reports" (please refer to the below table).




New World Development Company Limited
("NWD", Hong Kong stock code : 17)

Cover Photo/Design:
Real Estate Development / Service


Overall Annual Report:
Housing Related Products / Service


New World China Land Limited
("NWCL", Hong Kong stock code: 917)

Overall Annual Report:
Construction and Building


New World Department Store China Limited
("NWDS", Hong Kong stock code: 825)

Overall Annual Report: Retail:
Convenience & Department Store



Mr Adrian Cheng Chi-Kong, Executive Director of New World Group, said, "We are delighted that our FY2009 annual reports have received three authoritative annual report awards. This motivates us in moving ahead to produce annual reports with better quality. We aim at enhancing communication with our investors and shareholders with the annual reports. We always strive to inject new elements and concept in the content, graphics and design, so as to provide a brand new feeling to our investors and shareholders."

"Pass on Our Values" is the main theme of NWD's FY2009 annual report, with dandelions as the main visual. Each core value of the Group is carried by a dandelion and is spread to everywhere by the wind. The dandelions appearing throughout the whole annual report symbolize their mission to carry and pass on the core values of the Group.

The NWCL FY2009 annual report extends the design concept of the FY2008 annual report. The FY2008 annual report brought the investors to the countrywide network of NWCL in China to explore its different projects. After the exploration, the projects are exhibited in the FY2009 annual report of NWCL. The projects, as if they are the art-piece, are displayed in the photo frames on the cover and throughout the annual report for readers and investors' appreciation. Classical mirrors appearing throughout the annual report not only clearly reflect the financial results of NWCL, but also create an artistic mood for the annual report in addition to enhancing its transparency in announcing its financial results.

The NWDS FY2009 annual report endeavors to make a breakthrough. The cover is specially designed with a transparent window insert, creating a vision for the investors and readers of the bustling scene inside the department store. The main visual "Hundred Birds Forwarding to the Sun" and colorful graphic of customers demonstrate NWDS's new image of "Enriching Lifes‧Enriching Characters". The graphic of the colourful customers throughout the whole annual report represents the pursuit of fabulous life of NWDS's customers, while the graphic of the escalator represents that NWDS strives for better performance and higher goals.

The International ARC Awards, organized by MerComm, Inc., is the world's largest competition honouring excellence in annual reports, with entries from hundreds of companies across sectors from around 60 countries in the world. Annual reports are judged on the basis of elements like presentation of corporate information, expression of financial data, how well the spirit of the organization is communicated, clarity of written text and effectiveness of design.