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8 Nov

New World Group Fun Day for Employees and Their Families

New World Group believes its employees are its most important asset and constantly strives to promote a healthy lifestyle and an optimum work-life balance in its staff members. The Group recently held its first "New World Group Fun Day" with a variety of games and entertainment shows for employees and family members to enjoy a day out. Employees not only spent a wonderful break with their families but also benefited from the games to strengthen bonding between them and their colleagues in order to boost overall team spirit.

The event attracted 3,500 employees and family members from an array of departments and subsidiaries and the general atmosphere was both festive and lively. The opening ceremony was led by senior management of New World Development Company Limited ("NWD", Hong Kong stock code: 17), including Dr Henry Cheng Kar Shun, Managing Director; Mr Adrian Cheng Chi Kong, Executive Director, Mr Gary Chen Guanzhan, General Manager, and over 20 guests who filled an emblem of New World with symbolic gas, symbolizing the Group's constant and vocal support of its employees.

Dr Henry Cheng said, "Staff development is an important, long-term policy of New World Group and people are our most valuable asset. In addition to providing comprehensive training to our staff, we are committed to building a harmonious workplace and enabling our employees to strike a good balance between work and leisure. This year's Fun Day was the first we've ever held and allowed every participant to embrace the culture of the Group."

Following the opening ceremony there was a series of spectacular shows. A group of management trainees came on stage to sing two songs without accompaniment which gave the event a vibrant start and filled the venue with lively music. After that, eight teams comprising members from different business units and subsidiaries competed in a challenging game, thereby demonstrating their strong team spirit and cooperative ability.

The Fun Day set up a number of games booths, art play areas and inflatable toys and arranged a photo session with horses. The Group has also held a Fun Day photo competition to invite colleagues to share their joyful moments with others afterwards. Several non-government organizations were in attendance to lend support to the Fun Day. They erected booths and organized charity sales on site.