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8 Aug

New World Group fully supports the project of "Bright Future Action - A New World for Amblyopic Children"

New World Development Company Limited ("NWD", "New World Group" or "The Group", Hong Kong Stock Code: 0017) fully supports the project of "Bright Future Action - A New World for Amblyopic Children", aiming to arouse public concern towards the problem of children amblyopia.

Children amblyopia is not rare. About 4% to 6% of children population is suffering from it, which seriously affects their daily lives. However, owing to a lack of knowledge of children amblyopia among general public, young patients are usually not given proper treatment. In fact, most patients can be cured if they receive proper treatment as young as possible.

Together with its various subsidiaries, New World Group fully supports the "Committee of Caring for Children Amblyopia" organized by Hong Kong OSJ Children Amblyopia Foundation, Kowloon Region School Heads Association and Kowloon Federation of Associations, by launching the charity project of "Bright Future Action - A New World for Amblyopic Children".

New World First Bus and Citybus has provided free bus body advertisements and airtime at FirsTVision for the promotion of "Bright Future Action", bringing the message of concern about children amblyopia to local communities in Hong Kong. Also, New World Centre under KLPS Group Limited and 200 property projects managed by Urban Property Management Limited will join by promoting and raising funds for the project. Medical professionals from "Bright Future Action" will arrange free eye examination for children in the properties.

What's more, starting from October 2007, the Group will help to deliver the message of "Bright Future Action" to major cities in the Mainland through New World Department Store China Limited (Hong Kong Stock Code: 0825).

With the aforementioned initiatives, New World Group aims to promote the message of caring for the amblyopic children among different communities in the Mainland and Hong Kong, bringing new hope and a new world to those children with visual problems.