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2 Jun

New World Group fully supports AIESEC - New World GREENeration Y Global Youth Summit

Nurtures young leaders to fight for global sustainability

New World Development Company Limited ( "NWD", "New World Group" or the "Group", Hong Kong stock code : 17) is dedicated to contributing to environmental protection and promoting green living among the public. The Group fully supports AIESEC in Hong Kong in organizing AIESEC- New World GREENeration Y Global Youth Summit ("Youth Summit"), encouraging the public, particularly the youngsters, to be more concerned about climate change and global sustainability and nurturing young leaders for future environmental protection efforts.

Mr Adrian Cheng Chi-Kong, Chairman of Group Environmental Committee of New World Group, pointed out the growing demand for environmental management personnel. He believed that the Youth Summit can gather youngsters, encourage them to be more concerned about environmental issues such as global warming, and equip them with green knowledge so that they will participate in green efforts more actively, "The term "GREENeration Y" refers to the youngsters who have passion and ability to act green. The Youth Summit creates excellent opportunities for them to discuss environmental issues and learn green entrepreneurship via workshops, company visits and panel discussions. The young generation can therefore get inspirations and will be willing to be the green pioneers of the world."

To equip the participating youngsters with the concept of green operation, representative from the Group's Green Office Committee has conducted a workshop on green office planning and promotion. The participants will visit the bus depot of New World First Bus, subsidiary of NWS Holdings Limited, to learn how the Group is engaged in green operation by implementing various green measures. Both activities are real-life illustrations of how the Group is committed to environmental protection in Hong Kong.

The Youth Summit is an international conference which is held from 1 to 4 June 2010 at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. About 150 university students from over 20 universities from Hong Kong and Asia-Pacific are participating in this meaningful Youth Summit. Corporate presentations, training workshops, site visits as well as panel discussions are included in the four-day Youth Summit. Participating in different activities, participants can draw on the experience and learn how to tackle environmental issues by various means in order to promote global sustainability. It is expected that knowledge can prepare them to be engaged in related industries in the future.