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18 May

New World Group companies has won International Astrid Awards

The FY2006 Annual Reports of New World China Land Limited ("NWCL", Hong Kong stock code: 0917) and NWS Holdings Limited ("NWS Holdings" or "NWSH"; Hong Kong stock code: 0659) have won the Gold Awards in the category of "Annual Reports - Overall Presentation - Corporate" and "Covers: Annual Report" respectively at the 17th International Astrid Awards. 

Annual reports of New World Group have been honoured in the 20th International Mercury Awards, and triumphed in the International ARC Awards for four consecutive years. The Gold Awards of the Astrid Awards further justified New World Group's outstanding performance in its annual reports.

"We are proud that our annual reports have obtained international recognition in the world's renowned competition honouring excellence in corporate communications." Mr CF Kwan, Director of Corporate Affairs, New World Group, said, "The winning of the awards is a testimony to the Group's effective communications and reflect our continual determination in maintaining high level of transparency and disclosure. Our Group believes that a well-designed annual report can facilitate efficient communication. We will continue to achieve excellence in our annual reports, which are important tools in investor communication." 

The overall design of NWCL FY2006 Annual Report is based on the game of Monopoly. The colourful and well structured report show readers how NWCL has provided first-class living to people in Mainland China by building quality properties where residents enjoy "New Living", "New Way to Work", "New Culture and Entertainment" and "New Style of Leisure". 

Sustaining Solid Growth, the theme of the annual report, clearly sums up NWSH's development strategy, which is to expand businesses progressively, strive for long-term growth momentum in order to enhance shareholders' value. NWSH's annual report also adopted a breakthrough design. Six transparent windows on the cover indicate the Group's growing path and direction. Diversified business photos are displayed through the windows, which also symbolize its commitment in delivering high transparency in corporate governance.

The Astrid Awards, organized by MerComm, Inc., are considered as the most highly respected and prestigious by industry peers. The programs honor outstanding Achievements in 15 different Design Communications, and were founded to promote excellence in the various fields of communications. With over 600 entries from 15 countries, the awards were judged by a panel of leading designers, art directors, and graphic artists from all over the world, whose professionalism ensured the competition's long-standing tradition of impartiality and integrity.