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25 Mar

New World Group and its 27 group companies awarded as Caring Companies recognizing their commitment in corporate social responsibility

New World Development Company Limited ( "NWD", "New World Group" or the "Group", Hong Kong stock code : 17) and its 27 group companies are awarded the 2009/10 Caring Company Logo by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service today, recognizing their contribution to and outstanding performance in corporate social responsibility during the past year. 

The group companies receiving the distinction with NWD are: 

NWS Holdings Limited 
New World Department Store China Limited 
New World Telecommunications Limited 
New World TMT Limited 
Grand Hyatt Hong Kong 
Renaissance Harbour View Hotel 
Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Sha Tin 
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (Management) Limited 
Sky Connection Limited 
Urban Property Management Limited 
International Property Management Limited 
KLPS Group Limited 
Urban Parking Limited 
General Security (HK) Limited 
Waihong Environmental Services Limited 
New China Laundry Limited 
Care & Services Company Limited 
CiF Solutions Limited 
Hip Hing Construction Company Limited 
Vibro (HK) Limited 
Barbican Construction Company Limited 
NWS Engineering Group Limited 
New World First Bus Services Limited 
Citybus Limited 
New World First Ferry Services Limited 
New World First Ferry Services (Macau) Limited 
New World Insurance Management Limited 

New World Group has been paying full effort in contributing to the community. Besides actively participating in and supporting various charity activities, the Group’s volunteer teams provide services to the needy across the boundaries. These help build a harmonious society and promote the vision of love. 

Moreover, New World Group has been placing great emphasis on the development of local young people. Mr Adrian Cheng, Executive Director of NWD, said, "Young people are important assets and future leaders of our society. New World Group is committed to nurturing local young people by supporting social enterprise and various activities, such as Internship Programme, Mainland China-Hong Kong exchange, youth arts exhibition, School-Company Partnership, and more. We hope these can help them to have all-round development and be prepared to face future challenges." 

New World Group organized different community activities in 2009 to support youth development. The Group has been running "Road to Green - Striving for a Young New World" social enterprise together with Tuen Mun Youths Association since 2008. Operating business of collecting used clothes for recycling, the social enterprise aims at providing extensive on-the-job training and job opportunities for young people in need and helping them rebuild confidence in their job prospects and re-integrate into society. Besides, in 2009, New World Facilities Management Company Limited, a subsidiary of New World Group, was appointed by the HKSAR Government’s Home Affairs Bureau to fully manage and operate the youth development complex Youth Square on a non-profit making basis. Located in Chai Wan, Youth Square provides a platform for young people to develop their potential. In addition, New World Group co-organized a Wenchuan Cultural Tour in August 2009 with China Young Leaders Foundation and Roundtable Community, allowing students to visit Weizhou in Wenchuan and experience the Qiang culture and customs. They helped promote Qiang culture and encourage the public to support the redevelopment of Wenchuan through a cultural exhibition held in Hong Kong. 

As a responsible corporate citizen, New World Group is actively concerned about and participates in environmental protection. The Group has established the Group Environmental Committee leading various group companies to actively formulate environmental targets, drive the implementation of green measures and promote environmental protection both internally and externally. The Group has also properly formulated and effectively implemented its Group Environmental Policy so as to contribute to the global environment. 

The Group has endeavored in organizing various staff activities to encourage its staff to live a balanced life. In 2008, the Group has set up a Sports and Recreation Committee to organize various leisure activities regularly, including Spring Dinner, birthday parties, fruit week, sports competitions and company tours. It helps build friendship among staff and create a harmonious working environment.