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27 Nov

New World Group and AIG Credit Card to launch the nuWorld Credit Card

AIG Credit Card Company (Hong Kong) Limited (AIGCCC) and New World Development Company Limited (New World Development, HK stock code: 017) announced today the official launch of the new co-branded credit card.  The nuWorld Credit Card provides cardholders with shopping privileges in a wide variety of merchant outlets, a very practical cash rebate program and a first-of-its-kind home content insurance plan.  With the nuWorld Credit Card which leverages on the strengths of two conglomerates, the New World Development and American International Group, Inc., cardholders can now experience a "new world" of privileges and benefits.

The nuWorld Credit Card is available in three card types: Classic VISA, Gold VISA and Platinum VISA.  Apart from the regular credit card offers, nuWorld Credit Card is offering value-added services to their customers:

Double Bonus Points Earnings
Cardholders can now enjoy double bonus points upon spending at designated outlets of and services provided by the New World Group, including its telecommunication services, department stores and even New World First Bus rides.  The accumulated bonus points can be used as auto cash rebate for off-setting the monthly statement balance.

NuHome Insurance Plan at No Premium
Besides practical cash rebate, nuWorld Credit Card also offers a first-of-its-kind insurance plan - NuHome Insurance Plan.  Cardholders can enjoy this insurance plan at no premium whenever the cardholder uses the nuWorld Credit Card at least twice to settle payment per month or has an annual spending of HK$15,000.  The coverage is up to HK$500,000 per year against any accidental physical loss of or damage to the cardholder's household contents.

Octopus Auto-reloading Service
The nuWorld Credit Card also provides Octopus auto-reloading service.  For every HK$250 reloading value, cardholders can earn 250 points.  Double bonus points will be provided for every Octopus transaction amount spent on First Bus ride.  Not only can cardholders commute at ease, they can even enjoy the privilege of Double Bonus Points at the same time.

Shopping Benefits Extended to the Mainland
With the nuWorld Credit Card, one can enjoy up to 50% discount off at shopping centres, transportation services, telecommunication services, hotels, to name but a few.  Benefits and privileges are valid not only in Hong Kong but also in the Mainland.

New World GO Card Service
To provide ultimate convenience to cardholders, nuWorld card integrates credit card function with calling card service.  From now on, cardholders need not carry two cards in their wallet.  Both credit card and Go Card are combined into one.

In addition to all these attractive offerings, other benefits of nuWorld card include a wide variety of year-round merchant offers, interest free installment plan, lost card protection, worldwide emergency assistance and 55 days interest-free period.

The nuWorld Credit Card is designed by Mr. Alan Chan, the renowned designer in the region.  The design is both contemporary and modern.  The Card's simple and colorful background signifies the many exciting benefits offered by the nuWorld Credit Card.

Dr. Henry Cheng, Managing Director of New World Development, said, "As a conglomerate which has a leading position in various industries in Hong Kong, we recognize that only by providing innovative and practical offerings to consumers can we continue to win their support in the 21st Century. We hope that the launch of the nuWorld card can enhance our corporate image and the public's understanding of New World and its businesses, as well as to build up a stronger sense of belonging among our customers towards the Group.  The nuWorld card is a full reflection of the strengths of New World and AIG by catering the increasing needs of smart consumers for a greater diversity of services, which combines shopping privileges with relevant telecommunications and transportation benefits, as well as insurance coverage."

Mr. Edmund Tse, Senior Vice Chairman of American International Group, Inc, said, "As a leading international insurance and financial services organization, we are pleased that our credit card business joins hands with New World Group to launch the nuWord Credit Card. I believe that the many exciting and unique benefits of the Card will create a win-win situation for all parties."