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31 May

New World Green Week: Promoting "Scuppies Spirit"

To coincide with the World Environment Day on 5 June, New World Development Company Limited ("the Group" or "NWD"; Hong Kong stock code: 17) will organize the Second New World Green Week from 5 to 11 June 2011 with the theme of "Scuppies Spirit".

Originated with Chuck Failla, an entrepreneur in Manhattan, the phrase "Scuppies" is the short form of "Socially Conscious Upwardly-mobile Person". The new phrase represents people who love green and care about sustainable development of society. Unlike Hippies and Yuppies, Scuppies put more emphasis on environmental protection while pursuing enjoyment in life like everybody else.

Designing the Scuppies mascot, the Group visualizes the Scuppies Spirit. The Scuppies mascot puts the Earth into its little head, illustrating that it thinks of environmental protection all the time. With shinning rays of the Earth through its goggles, it interprets everything in daily life from the perspective of the Earth, rather than from itself. The Green New World logo on its head symbolizes that we can cultivate a green new world with our loving heart for the Earth. For more introduction on Scuppies and green information, please visit Scuppies website: The Group will also distribute free copies of Scuppies pamphlets during New World Green Week to enhance public understanding on green spirit.

The Group hopes to promote the Scuppies Spirit among the public and its staff through various activities, such as Make it Green! Product Design Competition, K11 People Power 2011 - "There's No Place Like Home" Recycling Paper Creation Scheme, Discovery Park - Shopping Centre "Love Reading‧Green Living" and "3R on Food Waste" Environmental Talk, etc. As long as everyone implements green practices in different aspects of daily life, we can build a green new world together.

The GNWStudio Eco-Photo Contest in Green New World facebook page starts from today. Collecting photos of the nature, the Group encourages the public to protect our environment and reduce pollution through the beauty of the nature. Winners will be awarded with handmade leather camera strap or shopping cash coupons, sponsored by K11 Design Store. Details please refer to Green New World facebook page:

New World Group actively concerns about and promotes environmental protection. In addition to the establishment of Group Environmental Committee which formulates green objectives and policies, injects green concepts into its various arms of business and promotes green management, the Group carries out green activities, such as supporting Earth Hour initiated by WWF, participating in "Order less, Waste less" Food Waste Reduction Scheme launched by Friends of the Earth (HK), supporting the government in promoting electric vehicles and the Green Reminders Programme, etc. In June, the Group will organize the annual New World Green Week, during which its group companies stage a series of green initiatives for staff and general public. The Group is committed to actively fulfilling its responsibility in preserving and improving the environment and hopes to contribute to the global environment, building a green new world.